"Nothing is True, Everything is Permited"

Alex Johnson, Grand-Master of the Order 2135 AD

POB: United Kingdom, England - London

Time Period:

  • Late 21st Century
  • 22nd Century

Brith: April 13, 2079 AD

Death: March 12, 2148 AD, Masyaf

Spiece's: Human

Birth Name: Alex Jason Johnson

Home-World: Earth

Hair Colour:

  • Brown (Child, Teen, Adult)
  • Brown, Graying (Elderly)

Eye Colour:

  • Blue (Child)
  • Gray (Teen, Adult, Elderly)


  • 4'5 Child
  • 5'9 Teen
  • 6'1 Adult, Elderly

Skin Colour:

  • Olive Skin Colour

Natural Talant's:

  • Eagle Vision


  • The Great One
  • The Eagle
  • Il Mentor


  • The Hashshashin Order


  • British Goverment
  • British Army
  • British S.A.S
  • American Goverment
  • American Army
  • United State's Marine Corps
  • Order of the Gray

Known Instructor's:

  • Tala A'Bersath

Known Student's:

  • Half the Hashshashin Order
  • All the Syrian Sect Assassin's (At Damascus Guild's Birth)



  • Yusaf A'Tem
  • David West

War's / Event's

Medal's / Awards: Second Mandalorian War

  • Medal for Honor and Glory (Victory over London)
  • War Medal 2136-2139
  • War Leadership Medal

Born April 13 2079 in the Great British Capitol; London, he was raised seperate from his birth family, and raised as an Assassin, as he went on in his training he became dangerous, powerful and very strong, he was later known as the Eagle to his fellow Assassin's due to his Skills as Free-Running across rooftops and being able to perform masterful Leaps of Faith from the highest structure's around the World.

By the Year of 2135 AD Alex had re-arranged the entire Hashshashin Order into a Perfect Assassin Order, and also a Gaurdian Order for its new Allies the Goverments of the Four major Powers; Britian, America, Russia and China. Alex was a well known Assassin World-Wide, and most of the Hashshashin had high respects for him, believing that Alex was in truth a Master of the Old Assassin's in a new Form, and this continued to gain him much respect that he would use on March 13 2136 when he rallied the Armies to begin a re-taking of Great Britian from the Mandalorians.

Once put in charge of a Country, Alex proved he was a man who believed in the rights people should have, even though he himself attempted to force his daughter into becoming a Human Weapon.

Though he valued the People's idea's and needs with great respect, he knew that he must also ensure defence's of his own country so he also placed money to create new weapons to bring a stronger defence in Britian.

Early Life

In April 13, 2079 AD Alex was born to Malaya a Woman born within Damascus, and Brutus Johnson and English Assassin, he was then taken from his perants after two months, and after a failed attempt to be taken back by his father, he was put into the training of an Assassin.
Young Alex

Through the Years he trained he showed mastery over many elements of the Assassin's, he showed Mastery of the Sword and Throwing Knives at the early age of 5, this impressed the Assassin Grand-Master; Tala with this Grand-Master beliving in him, he went onto begin the training of the Leap Of Faith without the other Assassin's as requested by the Grand-Master.

At the age of 9 Alex mastered the fears most children his age had when it came to free-falling from heights that would cause death upon landing, the skill used by the Assassin's that they use to perform such feats remains unknown even to the Modern World.

Eventually Alex would be put to the test at the age of 11 the youngest age his Order would send someone on the leading trails to become an Apprentice to leave the ranking of Novice, as a result Alex was assigned to kill a very powerful target who had his entire building gaurded.

With his mission, Alex made his way to his target, avoided detection and Assassinated the Target with ease, once he returned to the Moscow Fotress he was awarded his First Hidden-Blade, and his ranking was moved upto that of the Apprentice.

After two Years Alex at the age of 13 went to Great Britian with the Grand-Master, and he was placed within the British training Grounds for the British Hashshashin Sect, and was left to study the ways of the British Sect, through three years of training he learned much, and at the age of 16 he was given the chance to once again move his ranking to the next level, however he refused to do so, and requested premission to visit Seoul in South Korea, but he went to visit Italy before his message was replied too, eventually he got the message that his request was accepted and he left Italy where he'd been staying to aid with some missions, to go train under the Korean Assassin Sect, where he learned to use the Martial Art; Tae-Kwon Do from its Birth-Country.

After he'd achieved the Masterful Rank within the Martial Art he requested premission to move to another Sect to study more, at the age of 17 he'd learned to use not on the Assassin Tools, but the Tools used by the Martial Artists, he'd learned to use Tae-Kwon Do, Krav Maga, Jeet Kune Do and Kick Boxing, only then would he take the task to move to the next Rank.
Alex's first Double Assassination

Assigned by Tala, Alex went to the United State's, where he found his target was a fellow Assassin, but a traitor of the Order, and he entered combat against the Traitor, after a brutal battle Alex threw his opponent head first over a roof-top, and once he looked to see if he'd survived he only saw his Target on his back lifeless, so he set off to return to Moscow.

And he was granted a Second Hidden Blade and the next Rank; Adept.

Assassination of Alberti Navingo

Upon being given his First Hidden-Blade, Alex was assigned to to Assassinate his first main Target in Italy, Alex left the Moscow Fortress to get to the Italian City of Florence, where he tracked his target; Alberti
Alex's First Assassination
Navingo, having learned all he needed about his target he first attempted to kill him using poison while he was at a restaurant, but upon it failing, he was forced to rush into the crowd where he was able to push strait through and reach Alerbti, where he had a clean shot to stab him in his chest, however he did it unlike an Assassin would and was viewed by everyone around him as he killed Alberti.

Upon killing Alberti, the local authroties came to the restaurant and attempted to arrest Alex, but using skill, he was able to fend off the Police and escape through a back entrance, where he was chased by the Police, but he manages to again escape from them by using his Free-Running skills to get towards the rooftops, which he'd perform a Leap of Faith from the top roof, once the Police lost him, he was clear to make his return to Moscow.

Mission to Acre

After his first Assasination mission in Italy, Alex was later sent to Acre to spy on a "Believed" Templar location,
Alex's Observes
Alex began his mission once in Acre by speaking with Informants, but began to also speak with local crime lords that where within Acre, eventually he was led to a location where he was able to spy upon one of the "Believed" Templar's, however he didn't believe that it was his target, and left the location to continue his search elsewhere. Eventually he would follow a group that wielded swords in the Public, but later found it was a march festival, so he remained watching beliving that his target maybe nearby, but instead he found a problem had risen and a group of people had begun fighting, so Alex made his way to intercept the attackers and aided
Alex fighting
those who where being attacked, he engaged the new enemy by using his sword since the attackers where themselves fighting with swords.

Eventually the attackers had left the fighting, leaving nothing but injured civilians around, Alex was praised for aiding the Defending people and the Police force for helping against the unknown attackers, and so Alex left once everyone turned their attention away from him, and he would later follow one of the men he had helped to the Local Hospital, where he would wait to speak to him once he recovered.

Alex had to remain hidden while he was in the Hospital, due to wanting to speak with the one who he had aided during the attack, fearing that if he revealed himself then the man would be attacked when he left, so he believed the best option was to speak once everyone was gone.

Alex overseeing a future friend
Once safe, Alex made his way towards the man as he lay asleep on his bed, and he made a very slight noise just enough to wake the man up, and he introduced himself to him, where the man revealed his name to be; James Ocoski.

With this meeting between Alex and James, it was revealed to Alex that the attackers where indeed led by the man he was sent to Assassinate, so once he had a location, he left to Assassinate the target.

Upon reaching the location of the target, Alex watched the defence's around the hide-out, and he eventually made his move taking out its defence easily and remaining undetected as he killed the defenders, eventually he
Alex Assassinates Target
made it inside where he was able to corner his target, but he allowed his target to begin running, and so he chased him, to eventually lead him to stabbing him using his hidden-blade from behind.

He then left Acre to return back to the Fortress in Moscow to alert the Grand-Master about his achievements in Acre.

Training in Great Britian

Upon returning from Acre, Alex was sent to Great Britian to continue his train within the British Guilds, to learn and study the Assassin ways from British Assassin's, he learned much from the British Assassin's and was sent on several missions around Britian to increase his knowledge and test his training.

Mission to Manchester

Eventually he was sent to Manchester where he would test his training in the arts of spying, having already done such work when he was in Acre, he proved himself to have mastered this by the time he was allowed to return to London, having located many threats the Great Britian, and alerting Assassin Guilds around the country.

Mission to Glasgow

At Some point Alex was sent to Glasgow to train with some of the Scotish Assassin's, most of his training was to do with free-Running and Assassination. But Alex was already an adept at most of this, but he did learn a few new things from the Scotish Assassin's.

Time in Italy

Having left Great Britian, Alex made his way into the Italian Capitol; Rome, where he met the Roman Assassin Guild, and offered his service's to aid with missions across Italy.

Alex proved to be very skillful and was even able to teach some of his skills to the Italian Assassin's throughout Italy.

Mission in Venice

Alex was sent to Venice during his time in Italy to locate a raising threat from a new Group naming themselves; The Crews of Law, Alex was forced to search all across Venice to gain clues to where the Base of Operations where of this new group, he even approached the Thieves Guild to try getting infomation but even the Thieves where unable to provide answers.
Alex kills Crew of Laws Member

Eventually he would come across one of the members of the Group and he moved into attack, but due to a mistake he was forced to kill his target, however he was still able to gain infomation from the target by searching the body for clues, which he'd found a Letter concerning a meeting.

Having gained infomation, Alex went to the location to which the meeting was being held, where he discovered the Leaders of the Crews of Law, he used this time to view the meeting and listen in on the infomation only to discover the plans involving the group attempting to take out a public figure in Venice.

It was the following day to which Alex made his move at the same time the group was making their own move, and he ran through the fighting that had begun through the streets, and engaged any who got in his way, using skill to overcome any attacker that went at him.

Alex fighting Crews Members
During the commotion he eventually met up with the Venice Assassin's, and they helped him make his way through the fighting, where he'd eventually scale the walls to reach the rooftops to continue to make his way towards his target, knowing that it was vital that he take out the enemy before he could kill the Public figure. But upon reaching the streets again Alex was forced to fight groups from the Crews of Law, this continued to lower his time to kill the target, however he learned the name of his target from one of the men he beat, the Crews of Law leader was infact an Assassin by the name of Gorgie Gamie, and this forced Alex to make his way faster to where Gorgie was located.
Alex makes his way to Gorgie

Once he located Gorgie, he was forced to push his way through a crowd, he was able to see his time was running out as Gorgie was about to stab the Public figure.

Once he was close enough Alex attempted an Air-Assassination, but this attack was foiled by a timely turning by Gorgie, and so the two Assassin's engaged in a sword fight, but Alex was able to defeat Gorgie with his skill and mastery of the sword.

Once he had dealt with the problem he returned to Rome.

Aid in Florence

Having dealt with the problem in Venice, Alex was allowed to rest, so he made his way to Florence to admire the the its surroundings, it was here he met Mary Smithson, the Roman Assassin Apprentice, and he used his resting time to aid her in her mission in Florence.

He and Mary would move throughout Florence searching for a man named; Jamio Cangra.

However they where unable to locate any sign of Jamio, and both said their goodbyes and went their seperate ways, it wouldn't be until later that same day that Alex would meet up with Mary again.

A Second Meeting
Upon seeing Mary again, he went with her to her home, where they both spoke upon their views of the Order
Alex and Mary
itself, both disagreed with certern views of the Assassin's ideals, and both beleieved however the Order should be re-united as a whole, instead of seperate Guilds around the world.

The two Assassin's would eventually come to agree with many things that they both believed the Order was lacking in skill, both also agreed that the Order should increase the knowledge of its modern world.

During this second meeting however they would see themselves no longer speaking of the Order and instead be talking more about what they would rather want in life, which led to the two sleeping with one another, forming their relationship, however his time in Florence was eventually cut short and he was forced to leave Mary, but he did agree to return to her.

Time in Korea

Eventually Alex arrived into Seoul, capitol of South Korea, and he would spend a short time to study the ways of Martial Arts from Korean Assassin's, he was able to study much Martial Art practice in Seoul, but was never given any missions.

Mission to the United State's

Eventually at 17 Years old, Tala sent word to Alex that he would need to make his way to the United State's to deal with a traitor, Alex left Korea strait away to go to America, it didn't take Alex long to locate the Assassin traitor, and they both engaged in a brutal fight, which ended with Alex throwing his opponent over the edge of the building.
Alex Johnson Double Hidden Blade

Upon returning to Moscow Fortress, he was raised to the Rank of Adept and awarded his Second Blade.

Conflict within the Order

At the Age of 17 Alex was at the Rank of Adept, but he was at a level far beyond that of an Adept, being a master of the Leap of Faith, the usage of the Hidden-Blade and a Masterful Fighter, he became the Grand-Master greatest view of what an Assassin should strive to become, and thus Assassin's of Rankings lower than Adept and even Master Assassin's started to become Jealous and continuesly challenged Alex into Fights, all which Alex was easily able to win.

Alex's new Robes and Assassin Bracer

In 2096 March 29, Alex was assigned by the Grand-Master to aid in the building of a new Sect in Damascus, so Alex set off to the City, and began to build up the Sect, taking in people who had the courage and those he saw as worthy to be Assassin's, however he was eventually forced to leave Damascus in 2098 two years after he'd managed to finish the Sect, he left Yusaf A'Tem in control while he was away.

When he returned to Moscow he found the Assassin Fortress on fire from within, and discovered that the Assassin's that had become jealous of Alex where the cause of it, several Assassin's attempted to stop Alex from entering the Fortress, and thus he was forced to fight against them to the death, though he proved for more skillful than the Assassin's who where trying to block him, and he eventually got inside and found his way to the Grand-Master's chamber, only to discover he was almost dead, he began to drag his Master out in an attempt to save him, but due to the fire, many exits where cut off, only ways out where by Free-Running towards the roof, but he was unable to do so with his Master unable to move.
Alex brings Yusaf into the Guild

Eventually he came up with an idea to escape, and destroyed one of the windows, to which he threw Tala out of, and he himself leaped out of, with Tala now safe, he began to pull him away from the crumbling fotress, due to this Tala's last words where that Alex be crowned a Master Assassin for his deeds in Damascus and saving him, once Tala died, Tala's Younger Brother took control.

The age of 19, Alex became a Sect Leader for Damascus, but eventually he became the Sect Leader for the British Sect when he was sent by the New Grand-Master.

Arrival in Damascus

Upon his arrival into Damascus, he was met with violence by the people of the City, due to a corrupted leader, so before he could begin his assignment to start the Damascus Sect, he began searching Damascus, and gaining what infomation he could to make a move against its corrupt leader.

During this time he met a young man named; Yusaf A'Tem who offered his service's to the Assassin's, Alex gladly accepted Yusaf into the Order, and both Alex and Yusaf made there way through Damascus searching
Alex Assassinate
for infomation, during this time Alex began training Yusaf, and teaching him the arts of the Assassin's, using this training Yusaf proved to be a better mover for Alex than he was when they first met, and Yusaf made his way around Damascus bringing in infomation.

Once Alex was aware of who the Damascus Leader was, he set out to make a trap for him, and on the first second that the leader revealed himself, Alex was able to Assassinate him.

Upon his first move Alex was able to Assassinate his target, and he was free to begin placing new goverment idea's into Damascus, once a new leader began to make peaceful changes Alex went onto create the Damascus Guild.

Damascus Guild

Having freed Damascus from a corrupt leader, and placing a new peaceful type of Leader, Alex was free to begin forming the Damascus Guild, he moved throughout Damascus bringing in new Assassin Members to the Guild, unlike other Guilds, the Assassin's trained under Alex where unorthodox, and would times times use two swords instead of just one, or even have two knives instead of a sword at all, this brought a new style to the Assassin's.

During this G
Yusaf becomes a Master Assassin
uilds creation the Hook-Blade came back into use due to the amount of Zip-Lines that where placed around Damascus for training new Assassin's, Alex found the new Hook-Blade design useful and made the attachment to a new Hidden-Blade.

During his remaining time within Damascus, Alex sent his Guild members on several missions to make sure they could perform their jobs well, eventually he would bring Yusaf to the ranking of Master.

With Yusaf as a Master, Alex was alerted to being needed at Moscow, so he left Yusaf in charge of the Guild while he was away.

Return to Moscow

Upon his return to Moscow, he found the Fortress was ablaze, and he was then forced to fight against fellow
Alex fights fellow Assassin's
Assassin's that betrayed the Order out of jelousy of Alex's skills, and also due to the Grand-Master marking Alex has the future leader of the Order, he was able to fend off the Assassin's easily, and made his way further inside, and continued to engage traitors as he moved through the Fortress. Using pure Swordsmanship, Alex was able to thin the ranks of the traitors, and make it to the center part of the Fortress where he made his way through the burning halls to locate the Grand-Master, however he was again confronted by Assassin traitors, and he went on to duel them in order to get past.
Alex escapes the crumbling Tower of the Fortress Command Tower

Eventually he would locate the Grand-Master in the Main Chamber of the Building, and he saw no-way out other than through a window, Alex used his throwing knife to break the glass, and he threw the Grand-Master out knowing it would land safely, and from tehre Alex performed the Leap of Faith from the window as the Rubble caved in on the main chamber. With the Grand-Master's body safe, the Assassin's still loyal arrived to aid Alex in moving the Body, Alex met Tala's brother, and from tehre he was given the rank of Guild Master of Damascus, while Tala's brother took the position of Grand-Master of the Order.

Raising of the new Order

In June 12 2100 AD, the New Grand-Master recalled Alex back to the Moscow Fortress, to aid in the Re-Building of the entire Order, both Alex and the New Grand-Master worked as a perfect Team, bringing in new Assassin's and even expanding the Order to allow itself to become more open with the Major Goverments due to their actions in the Past Wars against the Republic the Powers such as; Britian and America wished to have the Assassin's as their Stealth Division for its Secret Missions.

Mission in Madrid

On May 15 2100 AD, Alex took up an assignment to visit Spain, where he would begin tracking down a new target, a Young Man by the name of; Peter Valkov, a Russian Mafia boss that wished to set up his own little Empire in Spain, Alex reach Madrid and began to use the Thieve's Guld and Informants to gain infomation however the Mafia Boss was aware of Alex's arrival and allowed himself to be detected by the Informants and Thieves, which he was planning to lure the young Assassin into a trap.

Upon finding a location due to the Informants, Alex went to locate his target, he entered a warehouse to which his Informants directed him too, upon entering Alex was engaged by several men, however Alex was able to
Alex's Wounds tended too by Mary
twart these attackers, and continue his way through to the center of the warehouse, where he found that there where timers set up, and thus he made a run for it, however he wasn't able to get out in time, but he did however manage to survive the explosion of the warehouse.

Alex would awaken the following day to discover himself in a new location, and bandages around his shoulder and waist, upon trying to move he felt the pain of his wounds, and remaind still, he was amazed to discover that his saviour was Mary, the Assassin he had met in Florence when he was 17.

However he refused to stay due to his assignment needing to be completed, once he was directed to his clothing, he found that both his Hidden-Blades where destroyed along with his throwing knives, and his Sword, however his Combat Knife was partially damaged, so he took the Blade once he was dressed in his Assassin Attire and left to continue his mission.

However he made a stop at the Assassin Guild Out-Post in Madrid in order to seek further medical attention having found out the hard way he was unable to continue moving as he could due to how severe his injuries where, while at the Out-Post he began to construct himself a New Hidden-Blade, with a Pistol attachment, unlike his other which had the Hook-Blade and Poison Attachments, he would also come to construct his second, but unlike how the Assassin's normally have them, he made sure both his Blade's had upgrade's, thus brought a new idea to the Assassin order but would not be brought into effect until Alex was the Grand-Master.

Once he was able, he left with his new Weapons and equipment and continued his mission to locate Peter Valkov, he would eventually gain a new lead onto where he could kind Peter so he followed it up and soon located the Mafia Boss, and with quickness and pure hate he stabbed him to death due to this one person nearly killing him.

With his death he left to go onto another mission.

Mission in Rome

Having left Madrid he made his way to Rome, where he would meet up with Mary once again, and the two would go to begin a mission in Rome, they both worked as a good team as they made progress on learning things of the target.

Upon discovering the location of the Target, they both made their way there, however Alex remained behind to take on a group that was defending the entrance while Mary made her way to the target, upon entering a fight with the defenders he was forced to fight with his sword to take them out, eventually Mary would meet him outside since she had finished the mission and they both left to alert the Guild Headqaurters in Rome.

Racing Mary

Having both completed the same mission, Alex challanged her to a race, where they would both use their Free-Running to reach the top of one of Rome's tallest structure's, Mary accepted the challange, and both began to move across the street to reach the fastest way upto the rooftops, Mary knowing Rome better was able to reach the rooftops first, but Alex was eventually able to get to the roofs as well, and catch her up easily, both continued to scale the walls to get higher, eventually Alex would reach the highest structure first, and Mary accepted Alex was faster than her, and both made their way back to the Guild Headqaurters, where Alex would be alerted to a new mission in Acre.

Trial of Jas Cavatch

Alex at the Trial of Jas

Alex would eventually reach Acre, where he would be greeted by the Assassin's there, and be told what his objectives where, he was amazed to find that he was actually just going to a Trial, and so Alex went to the Trials location and observed through the crowd.

During the Trial, Alex spotted another person that he knew at the Trial; Yusaf A'Tem, he was also awaiting punishment from the Judge, Alex began thinking of a plan to free his friend.

With only one idea, Alex made his way through the crowd, and engaged two Gaurds that where blocking his way, once he got closer he leaped, using the body of one of the gaurds to gain greater hieght, he realized that the judge was infact a Templar and he had an even greater reason to Assasinate him, as Alex decended the Templar revealed he was armed with a Sword and so he began to draw it.

Alex Assassinates the Judge
With the Judge now dead, Local Authorties made their way to the Trial, during this time Alex freed those who where to be convicted, however Alex kept Jas and Yusaf with him and they escaped by scaling the walls to reach the rooftops.

The Police Force arrived to find Alex and the Prisoners had escaped, so the City was put on alert, Armed Police went from door to door and kept guns pointed at people as they arrested any they believed could by the one who caused trouble.

Once Alex, Jas and Yusaf returned to the Guild Out-Post in Acre, Alex was alerted to being needed back in Russia, but Alex was unable to leave Acre until the City could calm down.

Act of Grand-Master

On his 35th Birthday Alex took the position of Grand-Master, where he could lead the entire Hashshashin Order, and he improved the Capitol regions for the Order, making a Capitol in Moscow as the second Centeral as he made London's Sect the Leading Section, eventually he made a thrid Main Location in Washington D.C, and he ensured the entire Order would continue to improve, its unknown how he came to become the Grand-Master of the Order however, but he has led the Order right up to the age of 56 and remains a strong leader in 2135.

Taking Position and Making Change

On June 15, 2114 Alex took control of the Hashshashin Order, he was 35 at the time, and with three months he made major changes to the way the Order lived, allowing Assassin's to become more open, and bringing Alliance's and Trade to differant Nations and the Hashshashin Order, at the start Europe, Asia and America where seperate Factions, Alex made his first movement n Asia and brought both Europe and Asian Assassin Groups together forming the two Group Alliance between Assassin's, eventually in 2116 two years after he'd taken position and brought both European and Asian Factions together he made his move on the American Assassin's, due to the differance of how the American Guild was he found it difficult to locate the Assassin's at first.

Once he had formed an Alliance, the Hashshashin was offially declared a real Order, the Hashshashin Order aided in Public Trade around the World, and also offered Protection to the People, with the European Assassin's as the Prime section of the Order due to the Capitol being placed in London, some of the American Guilds placed questions to the Grand-Master and expected the Grand-Master to have the Capitol change from Europe to America, however Alex refused to do this.

In 2118 Alex brought the Hashshashin and the EUDF Council to an Official Alliance, making the agreement that was made during the Three-Year War but this time it was completed, the Order became the main Protection against Jedi and Republic Special Force's.

New Life and Act of Grand-Master

During his starting year of being Grand-Master, he began forming the idea's he had with the Hidden-Blade designs, and began expanding the idea's behind the use of the Hidden-Blade.

Also Alex strongly believed in Freedom of choice during this time, and allowed the decendents of Assassin's to choose to become Assassin's or not, though this could bring great risk, it was none the less effective, bringing in many new generations of Assassin's, and also new Allies.

Life in Blackpool

While away from London, he allowed the command to be under-taken by his Second in Command while he was away within Blackpool, it was here that he located the Old Building once owned by the Johnson Family so he re-took it, and began having new renovations to the building.

Using his views on the Assassin's having a family, he allowed Mary to use this place to remain while she wanted to be away from the Order.

Mission to Acre

At one point in 2114, Alex and Mary went to Acre to begin a mission which held some importance with the Assassin Guild in that location.

During the mission both Alex and Mary saw a new chance to re-form the Guild, and so began re-orginising it while they continued their search for the Target.

Eventually they would have the entire Guild in Acre under a new formation.
Alex and Mary.2

Also while in Acre, both Alex and Mary once again attempted to have a race, where they would use a section of Acre to make there way to the top of its highest structure, however Mary was able to beat Alex during this race, and when Alex finally reached the top of the Structure she just signalled him, to which they would make love atop the Tower.

This would impregnate Mary where she would give birth later on to their first son; Sam Johnson.

Betrayal of the French Guild

In 2117, a 38 Year Old Alex would soon feel the sting of a massive betrayal within the Hashshashin Order, during his movement across Europe, Asia and America to fully reform the Order, Alex made a stop within Paris to speak with the French Guild Leader.

However during his approach to France he was alerted by an Assassin Informant that there was a possibelty that a Templar had infiltrated the French Guilds.

Once Alex had arrived within Paris he made his way to the Guild Headqaurters, during which he was greeted by the Guild Master, and both spoke on the future of the Order.
French Betrayal against Alex

It was during the early hours of the morning to which the Betrayal happened, but it was also when Paris fell under siege by a new threat; The Dark Brotherhood, the Infomant had mistake them as Templar's, believing the French Guild would aid him Alex went onto engage the Dark Brotherhood Assassin's, but he would soon feel a massive shock from behind.

Alex felt a painful hit into his shoulder, where he had just been shot from a French Soldier, who was being ordered by the French Assassin Guild, but he fell from the roof that he was upon, he crashed down into the street, causing further injury to himself.

Leadership during the Second Mandalorian War

When the Mandalorians decievied the British Goverment by using Republic tols and Armour to attack Blackpool, Alex began alerting the Hashshashin around the World to prepare for Galactic Republic Soldiers, with this alert the Assassin's moved from the Main Buildings and Hide-Outs and met with their own local Militaries that where preparing to defend their boarders, Alex sent his Son; Sam to a British Defence SHip in Orbit known as; The Normandy to aid in the defence's of the Orbital Fleet.

However when it turned out that Earth and Galactic Republicans had been tricked Alex left Earth to attempt to speak with the Chancellor, but never managed to actually talk since the Supreme Chancellor believed it be the perfect chance to capture the Assassin, and so Alex left with the Mercernary to Alderaan, but he eventually left and returned to Earth.

Upon his return to Earth he rallied a massive Army to aid in the re-taking of Great Britian.

Leadership of the Order and as a Priminister

Due to his Influence Alex became a prime example to Leaders after he led the Allies to victory against the Mandalorians and he became the British Priminister and a EUDF Representative for both Britian and the Assassin's, however this brought major strain onto his Position as Grand-Master as many Guilds began to question the leadership he was doing.

Participation in the Second Mandalorian War

During his first participation of the actual war, he was at the start of the skimish at Tower 12, and he was forced to team up with the Jedi Padawan and Mercernary who where originally there to kill him for the Republic Senate, however the Jedi found himself injured before he could get chance to engage the Assassin, and the Mercernary ended up at gun-point against the Assassin just moments before the engagment against the Mandalorians.

During his engagement against the Mandalorians he showed skills at taking out his enemies using a Flash-Bang and a Frag grenade in one move in order to take out a group far faster than the Mercenerary or the jedi could, it was also the highest kill number due to this, and he was also the only one to escape unharmed from Tower 12 when the Mandalorians threw in Grenade's to attempt to kill the three defenders of Tower 12, once the Jedi and Mercernary escaped he dragged them away.

Meeting the Supreme Chancellor

After leaving Earth with the Jedi after rescueing the second Jedi which was a Jedi Master, he met the Galactic Chancellor and three other members of the Jedi High Council, however this meeting turned out to be a bad move and the Jedi where ordered to capture the Assassin, however Alex escaped using a Smoke Bomb and a free-falling movement from the Base, and escaped into the City of Coronet.

Battle of London

Just before his battle against the Mandalorians, Alex had changed his attire to the same clothign he had worn before he became the Grand-Master, this made him appear more like the others and avoided any Mandalorians from identiying him as the Leader of the attacking force.

On March 13 2136, Alex rallied the entire EUDF Force's along with some other nations that where not part of
Alex fights a Mandalorian Loyalist
the EUDF, and with this he made a move against the Mandalorians to take back the United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland in one move, with S.A.S Remnant's starting Rebel attacks, the American, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Japanese Force's and the hald the Hashshashin Order. During the initial attack, Alex ordered the Spanish and French to have their fighter planes attack Tower 12 to take out some of the Air-Defence that had been set up to take down any transports, using masterful tactic's and stratagies the French and Spanish where able to take out most of the defence's before setting down the Ground Force's to begin to main attack on the Mandalorians themselves

Using the masterful stratagies and tactics the Assassin's managed to also gain a massive advantage over the Mandalorians and began to engage them in sword-fights as well as simple hand-to-hand combat, Alex aided with the fight in the City of London's streets while his friend Yusaf A'Tem started at the Great London Spaceport where many Mandalorian Fighters where set up ready to take off.

Eventually Alex was discovered by the Mandalorian Leader, and both went to the roof of Davidson Tower and engaged in a brutal sword-fight.

Alex v Derrick
Alex managed to beat his opponent, and held him at blade point, but before he could get Derrick to have his men surrender, he was attack from behind by two more Mandalorians, and he was forced to engage them in battle, however his friend Yusaf arrived to help him.

While he had his back turned however the Mandalorian attempted to kill him, but he was saved by the timely interception by his daughter, however both Derrick and his daughter went over the edge of the roof, while Derrick was killed once hitting the ground, Clair had survived by grabbing the ledge of a window, and with help from a stranger she was pulled to safety.

The Mandalorians where eventually forced into submission by the combine power of American, Russian, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese and Italian Militaries as well as the Hashshashin Order, once it was over however Alex was awarded more than just a Medal, but a Position as a EUDF Council Member and Ellected as the British Priminister, the FirstAssassin to become a Priminister since 1950.

Due to this Victory, the Mandalorians declared a cease fire on Earth, and left Earth in peace but continued its war against the Galactic Republic, Alex agreed to the idea, but also had plans of his own.

Position as Priminister

Having earned a massive Victory and bringing Great Britian back to the British people, Alex was ellected Priminister.

His actual first act as Priminister was to begin the re-building of all the damage caused by the Mandalorians, he spent many hours working out what was most important and began having those things either put into place or had what was already built repaired in order to ensure the Public would be happy.

Eventually due to his position within the Goverment and in the EUDF the Hashshashin order began to enter a stage of questioning of their Grand-Master, the only Nation known to to appose was the Britiash Sect of the Order, which believed in what Alex was doing, it is believed that the Guilds in Syria also believed that Alex was right and supported him in his motives.

Troubled Assassin's

With the Mandalorians defeated and Britian back in the hands of the British, Alex was given the position of Priminister, fo,llowing his work for a few weeks the American Assassin's took notice and questioned the motives of the Grand-Master, beliving him to be making a mockery of the Order itself and so voted on a Decleration of Independence, but the agreement came to an end when the Washington Guild Master said he'd visit England to speak with Alex.

When the Assassin and Alex met, it was latr during their conversation as he was leaving that the Assassin declared the American Guild as an Independent Assassin Faction and where no nger part of the Order.

Continued Building of a Nation

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Second Napoleon War

As Priminister of United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland, Alex had a duty to uphold the vows of the British that they made when joining the EUDF, and so when Spain fell under attack by the French Armies, Alex had to delcare war upon France Publicly, as he had heard Germany was preparing to also attack France.

With this news, Alex prepared the new British Army for war.
Alex and Yusaf somepoint in 2139 of the Third World War

During the Early Skirmishes Alex aided the British Army, as well as holding his position as Priminister of Great Britain, also he gave the Gray Jedi; Cody the location of one of the British Colonies that he would be able to rally to fight his own war.

With the Second Napoleon War raging throughout Europe, Asia and America, Alex saw new forms of warfare needed to combat against the enemy force's, and began putting the Assassin's into the heat of battle throughout Europe.

Alex's partisipation in the War grew more only after the attack on Great Britain, where at first he believed he was needed more in the Nation to help keep things running, he saw and felt differant when the French, Spanish and Albanian's attacked the country he was acting as Priminister for, and once the borders where defended and France had its force's change course, Alex re-orginised his Army and the Assassin's, he also called up even more young soldiers to defend the country.

With his new, stronger army, he made a plea to the Russian Military and American Military to send more force's to make a combine effort on Europe, however he saw more than just American and Russian Soldiers, he was met by General's from the Allied Nations that where at war against the NFR, while most where still defending their borders some sent small groups to aid in the attack to liberate Europe.

Battle of the Spanish Border

One of the worst Battle's that Alex fought in was at the Spanish Border, where he and the reiforcements crashed after being brought down by Anti-Air Guns, Alex and the Suvivor's where forced to fight the enemy using the crash site as cover, but they where unable to go in any direction until the French Force's where sent away by a Sith, during this Alex ordered the Soldiers to begin a retreat, and he gathered all the force's to return to Britain.

Great Britain Blitz

The Blitz of Great Britain was a Military movement by the French and its Allies, during these days Alex saw fit to make plans for better defence's to ensure that the French and its Allies could not invade Britain.

During December 13 2136 Alex believed the Allies and his Country where going to fall, but he came to believe later on that if he believed that then there would be no hope.

Battle of the Netherlands

The Battle at the Netherlands, saw Alex lead the British Soldiers into battle and coordinate the Artillery to the correct locations.

This was all prior to the main mission that Alex was about to go on; Assassination of Napoleon.

Once the New Axis Force's where broken, the Allies made a move into France.

Assassination of Napoleon

"Rest in Peace" - Alex after Assassinating Napoleon

On Septermber 15 2139 AD, Alex Johnson infiltrated the Mansion owned by Napoleon Bonaparte the Second, and discovered from Napoleon that he had been promised power from an unknown source, and he then killed Napoleon but he honored his death.


In the Year 2140, Alex Johnson set off to follow his Fathers Foot-Steps to begin unearthing the ancient secrets in Masyaf Castle, all the secrets that have been hidden-away for Centuries or as it is believed to have been centuries.

Following In the Footsteps of Bloodline

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Skills and Abilities

Alex's skills far supassed those of the normal Human Being, being able to accomplish feats far beyond that of any normal person, he was a Master of the Leap of Faith, an Assassin's great achievement for escapes and much more.

Among other Skills, Alex was masterful with his hands, being able to use Martial ARts such as Krav Maga, Tae-Kwonf Do, Jeet Kune Do and Kick Boxing to aid him in his fights, he was also a master of Stealth and performed as an Assassin should when he was on a mission, being able to take out any target without anyone taking notice or being alerted.

Alex's First Leap of Faith
Though when spotted Alex was easily able to execute any who came to fight him, some by Hand-to-Hand and in view, while other fights he would drop Smoke Bombs and execute them quickly with his Hidden-Blade's.

Alex also had an affinity to see through Thick Black Smoke where others could barely see without the aid of Thermal Vision Goggle's, this feat was due to his Sixth Sense, a skill that was passed down by his Bloodline, and he passed this single skill down to his Daughter, but his Son did not get this single trait.

With all his skills he made a Amazing Grand-Master for the Hashshashin Order, changing the way its People lived and how they trained.

As well as being a masterful Hand-to-Hand Fighter, and Free-Runner as well as Weapon Master, Alex was a man who had great Influence over several nations and the EUDF, and he used the influence he had to raise armies if he had need of an Army.

Clothing and Equipment

Like most of his Order, he war the troditional Attire of the Assassin Order, however it was more of a Navy Blue/Greyish Colour unlike the Troditional White Uniform or Black of the Master Uniform, he declared that his attire be the new Uniform for any acting Grand-Master when his time passed after his death, and the Uniform was one of the most intresting designs the Order had ever seen.

The Style of Clothign resemble's the clothing worn by Ezio Auditore from 1511 AD.

Also Alex wore a set of Armour over his two Hidden-Blade's, and on his right shoulder to his Elbow, while he wore a type of Fur on his left shoulder, the same fur which is used underneath his two Hidden-Blade Bracers, the Fur is of Unknown Origin, and no-one see's any reason to question the usage of Fur considering it is not from any Earthlign Creature.

On one of the Belt Straps that is cennected to his Armour on his Right Shoulder the Symbol of the Assassin Order is is attached to the strap, symbolising his cennection to the Hashshashin Order.

Among his Equipment, Alex use's several things to achieve his goals, most of which are Flash-Bangs, Smoke Grenade's and Frag Grenade's, but unlike the actual use, Alex use's the Equipment for more conventional use, choosing that using Grenade's to Kill is far to easy, so he remains constructive in his moves and styles of fighting.


Alex primary weapon of choice is the throwing knives, prefering them due to the Stealthyness and distance he can move too to avoid detection, Alex use's a typical Throwing Knife Design that has always been used where the other Assassin's use a more flip-based throwing knife to have more upon them, Alex's believes however that more weapons would sow one down, and therefore prefers only to have 30 Throwing Knives.

Altough his prefered weapon is his Throwing Knife he also favours his Hidden Blade's, due to th stealthyness when taking out a target, and he has several upgrade's on his Dual Hidden-Blade's.

Alex has a set of Dual Hidden-Blade's, and both are protected by a Plate Metal based over the bracer's, both of which are identical to each other with a greyish gold colour, making it very protective against any sword attacks, but for the more Mordern World it is mainly for display due to the more active use of Guns where as Assassin's are the only Faction on Earth to remain using Swords.

ACR hookblade-1
Alex's Hidden Blade's are designed the same, however only one use's the Hook-Blade design, where as the second Hidden Blade is one Attachment short due to the Hook-Blade being used as is main Hidden-Blade.

Attachment's on his Right Wrist consist of:

  • Poison Needle Attachment
  • Hidden-Pistol Attachment
  • Hook Blade Attachment
  • Extra Length Exstention Attachment

While on his Left Wrist, the Hidden Blade consists of:

  • Poison Blade Attachment
  • Hidden-Pistol Attachment

Among other Weapon's Used, Alex also use's a Combat Knife and Sword of the Assassin Order, to furtehr enhance his combat effectiveness in close-qaurters if ever he is revealed, due to the Modern World being the primary use of Guns, the Assassin's are needing to be exstremely fast and therefore are forced to make speed their main training program to become fast enough to avoid detection and take out any armed man or woman before they can shoot them. Alex is one such person who even at 56 Years old who can still move at a great speed to avoid being shot at, and disarm any man or woman before they can shoot him.

Alex's Sword.

Alex's Sword

Alex's Knife.

Alex's Blade

Friends and Relationships

Yusaf A'Tem
- Leader of the Syrian Guild, but based in Damascus, Yusaf A'Tem was one of the First Assassin's to be brought into the Damascus Assassin's when Alex Johnson had begun forming the Syrian Guild, and through this involvement Yusaf became good friends with Alex before he became the Grand-Master.

Yusaf was a very Skilled Assassin even at the Apprentice Ranking, and was known as Alex's personal Assassin throughout Damascus since Alex allowed Yusaf to follow him through his movements across Syria as he was building the Assassin Guild.