Alfred Johnson 1614

POB: Kingdom of England, Winchester

Time Period:

  • 16th Century (Late)
  • 17th Century

DOB: September 15, 1576 AD Death: April 21, 1645

Home-World: Earth

Spiece's: Human

Hair Colour:

  • Dark Brown (Child, Teen, Adult)
  • Brown, Graying (Elderly)

Eye Colour:

  • Gray (Child, Teen)
  • Blue (Adult, Elder)


  • 4'6 (Child)
  • 5'3 (Teen)
  • 6'0 (Adult)
  • 5'5 (Elder)

Skin Colour: White, Olive Colour

Natural Talants:

  • Flexability
  • Eagle Sense (Sixth Sense)


  • The Hashshashin Order
  • House of Johnson


  • Kingdom of England
  • British Empire (1707)
  • Colonial Military (British)
  • Thirteen Colonies
  • Jamestown Assassin Guild


  • Unknown, Perants and Siblings
  • Decendants, Johnson's, Jones, Dalamti's, Smithsons
  • Flezior Johnson - Daughter


  • Ashley Quinn
  • James Smith

Known Instructor's:

  • Unknown

Known Students:

  • James Smith
  • Most of Jamestown Assassin's

War's / Events:

  • The Colonization of the Americas

Medal's / Awards:

  • None

Alfred Johnson (Born 1576 AD), the First Johnson in exsistance, he was a Decendant from Altair Ibn-La'Ahad.

Alfred Johnson was a Master Assassin during the Colonisation of the Americas, and he was putting himself to work in a Blacksmith Workshop in London, having been born in Winchester he was born to a Low-Class Family which where executed for Treason against the British Empire, Alfred managed to survive purely due to the intervention of an Assassin.

He was well known for his Skills at the Blacksmith and his Job as an Assassin.

He has two known Decendents in the 23rd Century; Aquila and Mayla Ibn-La'Ahad.

Early LifeEdit

Other than being the one who started the Johnson Family Tree and a worker in a Blacksmith, it is unknown what his Life was like, and nearly everything about him is mystrious and unknown.

Later Life and DeathEdit

In October 9th 1610, Alfred four Assassin's, and a Friend known as; Ashley Smith set out to travel to the Colony of Virginia; where they set up their home in a Coaching Inn within Jamestown, from there they uses this as a staging ground and a HQ while searching the "New World" for their Templar Targets.
Alfred 1622 AD

Eventually after locating their targets three of the Assassin's returned home, while James and Alfred both remained in the "New World" Alfred met and impregnated a Native American Woman, which began his Family Line, which this woman gave birth to a Baby girl in 1622 and was named; Flezior Johnson often nick-named; Fiora., eventually in 1641 Alfred abondoned his Daughter and his wife died, and he returned to the Kingdom of England leaving Flezior to fend for herself, he was aware however that she would be fine due to all that he had taught her, and also because he had started the Jamestown Assassin's Guild.

In 1642 the English Civil War began, and Alfred joined the side of the Parliamentarians and fought against the Royal Followers, this led to his eventual death at the hands of a Templar who was fighting on the side of the Royals.