Home-World: Belkadan

Born: 3,680 BBY, Belkadan Station

Spiece's: Human (Clone)

Gender: Male

Hair Colour:

  • Light Brown
  • Light Brown/Graying (Elder)
  • Light Brown (All The way through Life on Earth through the differant Bodies he's used)


  • 5'9 (Adult)
  • 6'0 (Elder)
  • Earth Hieght's (Unknown up till the European War's)
  • 5'9 (As Revan)

Eye Colour:

  • Grey (Alpha)
  • Yellow (Dark Side)
  • Blue (WWI, WWII, Vietnam War)
  • Green (In 2034)
  • Brown (World War III)
  • Gray (European War's)
  • Gray (3214)

Skin Colour:

  • Pale/Light (As a Sith Lord)
  • Tan/brown (During WWI, WWII)
  • Light (Vietnam War)
  • Light (World War III)
  • Light/Brown (European Wars)


  • The Returning of the Sith


  • Dark Council (Formerly/As Alpha)
  • Sith Empire (Formerly/As Alpha)
  • The British Armed Force's (As Daniel Ensen During WWI)
  • British Navy (As James Wignul (During WWII)
  • British S.A.S (As Sam Jones during Vietnam War)
  • The Hashshashin (As David during WWIII)
  • The Brotherhood of Assassin's (As Mason During European War)
  • The New Hashshashin (As Revan Smith)

Known Master's:

  • Sith Emperor (Sith Master)
  • David Smith (First Assassin Master)
  • Andrew Mikeson (Second Assassin master)
  • Daniel Smith (Third Assassin master)

Known Apprentice's:

  • None


  • Project Beta
  • Jason Neevan (Blood Relation)
  • Brandon Neevan (Blood Relation)
  • Satele Shan (Blood Relation)
  • Isabella Malkus (Blood Relation)
  • Earth - Unknown Many Children Possibely)

War's / Events:

  • The Great Galactic War
  • Earth War's (World War I, World War II, Vietnam War, World War III, European War)

Named Project Alpha by his Sith Masters, Alpha was in truth the clone of the Ancient Jedi and Sith Lord; Darth Revan.

Having been born in the Sith Research Station on Belkadan, one year after the start of the Great Galactic War, Alpha was already an adult due to Age Advancements made by the Sith Emperor, and Alpha was sent strait into the war with Project Beta.

Alpha fought many Battle's during the Great War, once it ended however after the signing of the treaty of Coruscant, Alpha and Beta vanished from the Known Galaxy.

On Earth Alpha took many names as he fought through Earth History, he has been known as Daniel Ensen when fighting in World War I, then known as James Wignul during World War II, again he was later known as Sam Jones during the Vietnam War, later in 2089 when World War III began he changed his name too David.

Eventually Alpha would join the Order of Assassin's, a mysterious group which has been around since before the Roman Empire, he would first be known as Mason just as the European War's began in 2391, eventually he would be known as Revan Smith in 3214.