"Nothing Is True, Everything Is permitted" - Altair in 2159 AD
Altair Age 21 2158 AD Master Assassin

POB: Great Britain, England - Blackpool

Time Period:

  • Mid 22nd Century
  • 23rd Century (Possible)

Birth: March 21, 2137 AD

Home-World: Earth

Spiece's: Human

Hair Colour:

  • Blonde (Child)
  • Brown (Teen, Adult)

Eye Colour:

  • Brown (Child)
  • Blue (Teen)
  • Gray (Adult)


  • 4'5 (Child)
  • 5'2 (Teen)
  • 5'9 (Adult)

Skin Colour:

  • Pale, White Skin Colour (Child)
  • Olive Skin Colour (Teen, Adult)

Natural Talant's:

  • Eagle Sense (Sixth Sense)
  • Flexability
  • Enhanced Speed and Reflexes
  • Increased Strength

Distictive Marks:

  • Left Ring Finger Amputated


  • None


  • House of Smithson
  • House of Johnson
  • The Assassin's Order


  • European Assassin's Guild
  • Asian Assassin's Guild
  • American Assassin's Guild
  • Rogue Assassin's Faction
  • British Goverment
  • British Armed Force's
  • Syrian Law Enforcement
  • American Air-Force
  • Japanese Naval Force's
  • Japanese Army


  • Clair Smithson (Mother)†
  • Mary Smithson (Grand-Mother)†
  • Alex Johnson (Grand-Father)†
  • Jack Smithson (Great Uncle)†
  • Sydney Jones (Cousin)
  • Danny Jones (Cousin)
  • Antonia Baria (Wife)
  • Volante Smithson (Daughter)
  • Revan Smithson (Son)


  • John Smith
  • David Wolff†
  • Steven Hamm†
  • Ruth Layland†
  • James Mason

Greatest Foe:

  • Simon Alendria
  • Rick Hudson

Known Instructor's:

  • None, Currently

Known Apprentice's/Students:

  • None, Currently

War's / Events:

  • World War III - Lived through it (2136-2139 AD)
  • World War IV
  • Imperium War

Medal's / Award's

  • None, Currently

Altair Ibn'La-Ahad Smithson (Born 2137 AD) was the son of Clair Smithson, and the Grand-Son of Alex Johnson who was the Grand-Master of the Hashshashin Order itself, he was also the Great-Grand Son of Brutus Johnson.

Like his Mother and Great-Grand Father, and his two Ancestors; Altair Ibn'La-Ahad and Ezio Auditore Da Firenze, Altair Smithson had the Eagle Sense, an unnatural Sixth Sense, having it passed through his Mothers blood.

Altair would be exactly like Brutus Johnson when it came to his learning, at the young age Altair was learning to Free-Run, use Stealth and much more.

Altair main goals in life where to search for answers on his Families Heritage, to discover what Brutus and Alex where searching and died for.

Altair was not an actual member of the Assassin's Order, but he used the Monk Styled Robes and the weapons an Assassin would, his knowledge of the Assassin's came from his mother, and he adopted a new style that his Grand-Father would never accept.

Altair became one of the most Legendary Assassin's of the 22nd Century, surpassing his Grand-Father Alex, and Great-Grand Father Brutus.

Also, like his Ancestor who he was named after; Altair Ibn'La-Ahad he had his left ring finger amputated, the reason however was unknown since the Hidden-Blade was able to be used without the need of the sacrifice of the Ring Finger, it is speculated that Altair's Blade was designed like his Ancestor, and to prove Loyalty he removed the Finger. Like his loyalty to his own Creed, which where followed by his Ancestors, he had the same commitment and loyalties to Antonia Baria, putting his life in harms way in order to ensure her saftey even at the cost of his own. At the Age of 22 Altair became the father of a child with Antonia Baria, the Child being born on June 21, 2159 AD.

Early Life

Altair Ibn'La-Ahad Smithson was continuesly one of love from his mother Clair, due to fear that he would be taken, Altair grew to be very close to his mother, and was very quick to defend her even when he could only just talk and barely walk.

Altair would begin to learn the Italian laungauge from his Mother and Grand-Mother at the age of 5.

Altair eventually began training how to do free-running at 6 Years of age, with his mother teaching him how to use the skills he would need to perfect the usage of Free-Running, he was able to master the Free-Running within only a matter of days, very fast for someone of only 6 years Old, Altair was then trained on how to use the Throwing knives, and like Free-Running he was fast to master the skill.

Eventually in 2144 at the age of 7, Clair sent her son to try climbing one of Blackpool's highest structures even at the protest of Allison and Madison who did not agree with what Clair was wanting him to do, but none the less Altair moved and quickly began climbing, using a skill known as Climb-Leap to aid him in getting higher as he climbed the structure, this caused local authroties to arrive in an attempt to stop Altair.

As Police attempted to reach the top floor of the building in hope to intercept him, they found he was already at the roof by the time they reached him, and where about to take him down the way they had come, but Altair instead performed his first Leap of Faith from the building, causing the Police to run and nearly fall over the ledge, only to see he had landed safely.

Martial Arts Competition in Cleveleys

In March 15 2148 AD, at the age of 11 Altair was entered into a Martial Arts competition by his friends at school, and upon being entered, Altair was met by one of the fastest people in the Competition who told Altair that he should quit instead of putting himself into a position he'd be crying in, however Altair said nothing and walked away, when it came to the point where he was fighting Altair was faster than the one that told him to
Altair Red v Daniel Blue
quit, and Altair moved out of the way of every kick that his opponent; Daniel Jacobs threw at him, Altair made his move carefully throwing punches just to anger his opponent, making him lose his temper, this caused Daniel to make big mistakes in the fight.

Eventually Altair landed a full powered kick onto Daniel, knocking him off-balance, and giving him the perfect moment to finish Daniel off, and instead of kicking, he used his fist and punched Daniel in the side of his head, knocking him flat onto the ground.

Upon beating Daniel, Altair was given his medal for his invovlment in the fight, having beaten the one person that had any real challange for the entire Competition, and Altair saw no reason to continue fighting in the competition.

New Training

In September 20 2152, Clair had Altair train in the usage of Twin Swords, having him learn to fight against an Assassin and any person who would challange him, all this was due to fear, Clair has always remained scared of losing Altair since he was born and this kept Altair close to her since he believed as he was getting older that his mother had been hurt and understood, while most Youths would rather try getting away and making distance, Altair remained close and learned everything she could teach him, he would later go onto use the Hidden-Blade his Mother owned, and made sure that he understood exactly how it worked, so he took it apart and re-built it several times, trying to understand it.

The New training he later came to learn would teach him survival skills, and also how to execute someone without alerting anyone around him, a skill Assassin's would always use.

Also, Altair learned how to use his Acrobatic Skills and use the Hidden-Blade together, learning to use the Aerial Assassination Skill, and Climb Assassination Skill.
Altair age 15

He later learned how to Assassinate without having to leave a hide-spot.

School Life

&nbsp While he is trained to perfect his skills, Altair does have a normal Social Life as well, he gets involved with the School and their sports days and their clubs, while he doesn't always take-part he non-the less is always watching and viewing students, he some times offers some advice weither or not they use it he care's little about.

Altair does however take part in the Free-Running Competitions when they are done, which he normally is able to do with no problems, but it often causes him to clash with some of those who believe themselves to be tough enough to win any fight, but Altair normally just makes sure they don't fight, most of which he ends up friends with, and in turn helps them improve their skills.

Bombing in Blackpool

Just after a Bomb fell in his street, Altair collected a Set of Robes and some weapons, that where once worn and used by his Grand-Father; Alex Johnson during his time as an Adept and an Apprentice, these Robes where of the old Monk variation of the Assassin Robes.
Altair after recieving his Robes and Weapons

With his New Clothing and Weapons, and an objective, Altair left home to begin searching for something in Franco-Germany new Nation, wanting to learn why they are attacking when the Third World War is over, knowing this is going to cause a Fourth World Conflict he is setting out in an attempt to stop it before it can begin.

Altair was able to escape Blackpool just as the Bombs began to fall, he knew his goals where to lead him to discover what was really going on.

With the Robes of his Grand-Father, he questioned why he wears them himself when he is not even an Assassin, but after a few hours he chose to do something no Modern Assassin Would; and removed his Left Ring Finger, and altered the Hidden-Blade his Mother had given him, making the blade closer to his hand when it exstended out, making it important that he needed to remove his ring finger.

Using his knowledge and his skills Altair set out for an Adventure.

Starting a Journey

After leaving Blackpool, in his new Clothing, he made his way towards Normandy's Coastline, hoping he will be able to get through France and into Germany to spy on the German Government when they have a meeting, and hopefully Assassinate the man who leads the new Franco-German Nation before he can start a Full War across the World.

While he was actually hoping he could end the Fourth World Conflict, he would end up fighting in the War once it rose all across Europe and later into Asia and America.

Altair would find himself in the same position his Grand-Father did; as a Soldier and an Assassin.

Eventually after he had set off back home from Normandy, he would be one of the first to see the Franco-German Invasion of Blackpool, however he attempted to aid the defending soldiers but he was only able to kill one by using his Hidden-Blade using an Aerial Assassination.

Franco-German Invasion of Blackpool

With the Franco-German nation controlling most of Europe, they targetted Great Britain, launching a full-invasion using the Irish Sea to gain access to Blackpool's Town Center, and they brought up their Tanks and Soldiers to fight against the British Defending Force's.

Altair was able to take down one and escape down an alleyway, by performing an Air Assassination when leaping from a roof-top, the Young Rogue Assassin saw no other chance's of aiding the British Soldiers in their fight, and so he headed to another location.

In the Following Year he aided the British once again, on January 20 2155, he aided with attacking the Franco-German Position in Town Center.

Upon being able to push the enemy into a retreat, he left to speak with a Soldier, who then handed him papers that requested him to join the service for the War.

Joining the Service

On July 14 2155, Altair told the British Officers that he accepted the idea of joining to fight in the War, however unlike new Soldiers, he was placed strait away as an Officer in the Army, he was given the rank of; Major, and he acknowledged his position and went on to join the Military Force's in London to aid in brining new Soldiers from the City of London.

Operation Vengence

As his first official assignment to the war, Altair was sent in with the Allies on Operantion Vengence which involved taking France, and using it as a rally point in order to act through the war within Western Europe and having a clear attack point on many RAAF Territories.

Altair was able to move around across Normandy's beaches providing aid to Soldiers and hismelf when needed, he was also helpful with the Medical Staff from the Medical Corps.

During the Final Days of Operation Vengence in Normandy, Altair led the Combine Force's of America and Britain into the fight at Falaise.

Battle of Paris

Eventually Allied Force's made their move onto the French Capitol; Paris, which by the end of this Battle the Franco-German Nation would be finally split in Half.

The Battle of Paris saw deaths of many Soldiers, more so than expected by the Allied Force's, Altair then led the British to re-take the leading Government Building where he was able to take captive the French Council Members of the Franco-German Nation.

However unaware, he left the Council Members to their deaths, upon leaving the Building the Soldiers under his command where given orders to execute the Council Members.

Invasion of Belgium

The Invasion of Belgium was begun by British and American Force's after the capture of France.

Altair was one of the leaders of the British Force's, keeping his soldiers in a defencive position, using cover to the advantage of their position and counter-attacking incoming Neo-Nazi Alined Forcer's.

Invasion of Italy

The Invasion of Italu began April 15, 2156 AD by Allied Force's, Altair fought beside the American Captian; James Mason, using tactics and team work the Allies managed to push their way through Rome, where Altair noticed the Vatican City was unprotected, but he moved to save Antonia before she could be killed, once he had saved her he made his way into the Vatican City.

Vault Discovery

With Antonia Baria, Altair discovered a Vault hidden underneath the Sistine Chapel, however since neither had any equipment to scale down to the bottom of the "Pit" as Altair called it, they left, but he had plans to return after the war had ended.

Assassination in Berlin

During the Assassination at Berlin, Altair made his way to the Main Location of Abundo Hizler, while Allied Force's provided a distraction for him to gain access to his location.

Upon finding him, the German Leader warned Altair should he die then the Assassin's would be betrayed in a Mass-Betrayal by World Nations, and would have nothing to end it, but Altair ignored this and assassinated him.

He then displayed the body, causing the enemy to end its attack and retreat.

As he made his way to the Allies he was shocked when he was shot at, and he at first never realized until he was laying on his back, but he used a smoke bomb to gain cover and he made his escape, and arrived at an Inn far away from Berlin, and passed out, only to be found by a German Man named; Jakob who would help him heal and return the Britain.

Lust for Revenge

With regaining his strength from help from a German Man and his Wife, he was returned to Great Britain, and found himself in the West Family Home in Ireland, where he was met by Allison Johnson, who attempted to tell him of his mothers death, however he was already aware, and once the German Family left, he swore to kill the man responsable for his mothers death with his own blade.

Eventually Altair made his way to London after saying his thanks to Antonia Bara, and he attempted to make his First Assassination Attempt on Simon Alendria's life, using a Cross-Bow, as a result of failing due to Simon wearing a set of Armour, the British Army was sent after the One Young Assassin.

And chased Cole who aided the Assassin's escape from London, and chased him to Blackpool.

Attack in Blackpool

Due his failure to Assassinate Simon Alendira using his Cross-Bow, he was hunted down and followed by the British Army to Blackpool, due to him failing, he risked the saftey of Cole and Diego, eventually when they reached Blackpool a tank fired at the car, causing the three to jump out, but get blown in differant direction when the car exploded.

While Diego and Cole where sent into a wall on seperate side's, Altair was sent crashing into a Car Window, where he broke some of his ribes, and cut open the side of his chest as well as his cheek, and he was quickly covered in blood.

Eventually he was shot by his botched attempt to throw some of his throwing knives, and he found it difficult to remain conscious, after a Tank fired on the car he was using for cover, the force he was thrown at, and the landing as well as having Maria Rizzo land atop of him knocked him out of it, and he remained motionless.

A Helping Hand

Due to how bad his inuries where, Maria Rizzo helped him to the Republic of Ireland, and took him to Antonia Baria, where she left him in the hands of the Baria Family.
Altair Injured

Juring his time at the Baria Family Home, Altair was able to learn more about Antonia as she worked to help keep his wounds clean and get him fixed back up.

Altair also revealed some small infomation about himself to Antonia, as they both began to devlope a bond of freindship.

Eventually with the aid of Antonia Baria, he healed, most of his wounds where not easy to see, and there was no true scars on his skin even from such deep wounds he had recieved.

Second Assassination Attempt

Using his Cross-Bow, he was able to cause a distraction by killing one of the men that had arrived into Republic
Altair fails to Assassinate Simon
of Ireland with Simon Alendira, this he used to front flip over them and make a move to go to strike at Simon, however Simon's size and strength was far to much for Altair, and he was caught off-gaurd when he punched him, causing his balance to go off.

Simon then grabed Altair by his throat and also by his wrist, but Altair tried to move his blade to stab him but failed, Simon spoke of how Altair doesn't even know of a War that has been going on, and then launched him through a window of a house, which re-opened Altairs wounds, but gave him new wounds at the same time.

Simon left giving orders to his men to kill Altair.
Altair Kills an Imperium Member

Altair then made his way to fight the one's staying to kill him, and he engaged them in a sword fight, but he was at a disadvantage since glass has sliced all his hands open making it difficult for him to hold his sword, but none the less he engaged the enemy.

The Imperium War

Due to the Imperium War, Altair was continuesly forced into fights which caused him great injury, however due to his Freindship with Antonia Baria, he was aided many times, most of his Bones where kept in good shape due to Antonia, and he thanks her most of the time due to the fact he'd most likely be dead without her.

Eventually in June 13 2158 AD, Altair and Antonia moved into the Villa Auditore after Altair found the Deeds and Ownership that where to keep the Decendents of Ezio Auditore in ownership of the Villa.

Eventually this Ownership led to Altair taking ownership over Monteriggioni.

Control of Monteriggioni

When Altair discovered the papers which entitled him to take over the Auditore Villa in Monteriggioni, Altair choose to use Monteriggioni as his hide-zone while he attempted to find a way to beat the Imperium Order, when Altair was getting the Re-Construction done, he learned that he was also able to take charge over Monteriggioni, so he took the idea on as he began moving what he needed to the Town.
Re-Built Auditore Villa

Time to time he left Antonia in charge of the Town while he left to hunt down or discover new ways to defeat the Imperium.

Once the Villa was complete in 2158, he began taking idea's from the Town's People on how to improve how the Town lived.

Eventually the Imperium brought its war to Monteriggioni, and this led to the Imperium kidnapping Antonia Baria in an attempt to bring Altair Smithson into joining the Imperium Order, but the attempt ultimately failed and saw the need for Vengence grow within Altair in his desperation to bring Antonia back to Monteriggioni.

Taking control over the New Order

After the attack on Monteriggioni, Altair swore he would take vengence upon the Imperium since they took Antonia from him, and with Silvo he made a move to re-contruct Monteriggioni, the Villa Auditore and the Re-Birth of the New Assassin Order.
Altair restores the Assassin's order

With Silvo's aid, and the Reconstruction of Both Villa Auditore and Monteriggioni, Altair selected several people within Monteriggioni to become part of the New Assassin's Order, and using his own beliefs on how things should work, he began to teach what his mother had taught him to his new Apprentice's, in hope they would become perfect Assassin's within the New Order.

Upon the Order being ready, He and Silvo led an attack with the Syrian Force's in the Italian Capitol, Altair showed how much he had become enraged when he finally got the killing blow upon Rodrigo Antonio'Mafey, when he continuesly stabbed him while he was on his back.

With Rodrigo's death, Altair told the Apprentice's to take Antonia to Monteriggioni, and he remained in Rome to see the new Government Leader take his place, then the Assassin's and Syrian Force's returned to Monteriggioni.


While he wasn't around much while his daughter was young, he eventually made up for this after the Imperium Order had been defeated and the Cold War brought to an end, he continued to psend much time with Volante, teaching her the Arts of the Assassin's, but he allowed her to make her own choice's on being an Assassin or having a Normal Life.

Eventually Antonia gave birth to his Son; Revan Smithson, and he continued spending time with both his children.

Discovery at Masyaf

Upon entering the Masyaf Castle, he used the 12 Seals to access the Secret Chamber locked underneath the ground of the Castle itself, and there he discovered the Apple of Eden, Altair's Armour and much more, however he was shown visions and he heard the sounds of voice's, so he left knowing of a small change the future would eventually bring.

A New Threat

In 2174 AD, the Imperium returned under the leadership of Rick Hudson, then enstranged Relative of the
Altair in 2174 AD
Smithsons, Johnsons and Jones who seeks nothing more than to kill all Blood Related people to himself, at his first apperance he sent an Assassin to execute Altair Smithson to criple the State of Monteriggioni and the New Assassin Order, believing him dead Rick then set fire to the Villa Auditore, and was unaware of Altair being taken to the Medical Building.

Upon regaining his strength he got himself back into his Robes once again and tasked himself in locating the ones who attacked him, being unaware of who it is however, and mistakenly believes the attacker to be an Assassin turned traitor.

Eventually the Assassin was found out to be nothing more than another lacky of the Imperium Order and not a traitor, and so a quest began to locate him, during his time away from Monteriggioni, he was unaware that his daughter along with Rosa had been kidnapped.

Search for Volante

Eventually he began searching for his daughter once he learned that she had gone missing, and with the help of Silvo he was able to eventually track down both Rosa and Volante, however by the time of his arrival Volante has been taken to Russia, and only Rosa was where they attacked.

After rescuing Rosa, Altair left Silvo and the Assassin's to go to Russia, while he searched for his daughter, the Assassin's went to the U.S to stop the Fifth World War from starting.

Return to Monteriggioni

Eventually he returned to Monteriggioni after saving his daughter, at the time however he was unaware that his Daughter had been "Spoiled" by the Gaurds, so he allowed the Gaurds to live upon his leaving Russia.

Once in Monteriggioni, he returned to the Re-Constructed Villa Auditore, and found that his Daughter had started putting herself away from everyone, he was not sure to the reason and allowed her to have her space.

Personality and Traits

Altair Ibn'La-Ahad Smithson was known mainly for his quietness, however he was a person who cared deeply for his Mother, always making sure that his mother was alright.
Young Altair's Serious Side

His nack for aiding people was also well noted, as he aided many people when the Franco-German Soldiers invaded the Blackpool Town Center, he rushed from one place to another attempting to help civilians or soldiers, making himself useful.

He was also known to be able to control his temper, knowing when to use Aggression to his advantage if he needed too, Altair was a very confident person all due to the way his mother had raised him

He often kept his mother in high regard, Idiolising her because of his training and way of life.

In 2157, he eventually showed that he could sometimes give into his anger, as he proved when he was speaking with Allison West, and swearing to end the life of the man who killed his mother.
The Calm side of Young Altair

Altair continued to seek vengence on all Imperium Members ever since he swore to kill the man who killed his mother.

Altair eventually became more open and kinder towards others during the Fourth World War, when he met Antonia Baria he at first didn't take to her, but as time went on he learnt more about her and also revealed more about himself to her.

Eventually once they had children; Altair became even more calm and kind than he'd ever been since he had left his mother to begin his journey.

Clothing and Armour

Altair wore the basic clothing that his Grand-Father once wore a Monk Variation to the Assassin Robes, the same style used by Assassin's during the Third Crusade, one in paticulair such as Altair Ibn'La-Ahad, who he was named after who was also his Ancestor.
Altair Smithson

Apart from the robes, Altair wore light armor that consists of leather greaves, leather vambraces, and a leather belt.

The vambrace on his left forearm has what appears to be metal plating, but it is not used as a type of armour, it appears more like it is for decoration for his Hidden-Blade.

Altair was presented during the war with a set of Military Clothing and Armour, however Altair believed he would not need it, saying; "If it is my time, I shall accept" to the man who brough his clothing, Altair therefore remained in his normal Assassin Attire.

Weapon's and Equipment

Altair used the basic weaponary of an Assassin, although he was not a member of the Assassin's Guild, but also since he was not an Assassin member he didn't have the upgrade's that the Guild presented to its Assassin's therefore his Assassin Hidden-Blade remained at a basic ranking, also unlike the modern Assassin's; Altair amputated his Left Ring Finger like his Ancestor in order to use his Hidden-Blade.

Atair's Hidden Blade
Altair's weapons consisted of; Hidden-Blade, Sword, Combat Knife, Throwing Knives and a Cross-Bow, to which he had masterful skill with, however he was known to use an Colt M1911 Hand Gun and sometimes use an Assassult Rifle when he needed too.

Altair was very skilled in the arts of Stealth, making him one of the most dangerous men alive during the Fourth World War.

Also one of Altair's skills enabled him to be even more deadly; His Eagle Sense, and strange Sixth Sense that gave him the ability to see the actions of what people would do, as well as aid him in dectecting who he could trust and not trust.

Sixth Sense

As a member of the Johnson Family, his bloodline decends down from the Ibn'La-Ahad and Auditore Families, which resulted in Altair being born like his mother, with a strong form of Eagle Vision, this one supernatural gift gave Altair the skill's to see things in a better perspective, as well as see things that others could not, he was also able to tell who was friend and who was foe, but he was unprepared even with this skill when the World Nations turned on the entire Assassin Order, and since he considered himself a Rouge from that Order, he was caught off-gaurd when British and American Soldiers attacked him in Berlin after he had Assassinated the Neo-Nazi Leader.

Military Ranking

When Altair accepted a position in the Army for the Fourth World Conflict, he was given an automatic Ranking as an Officer, unlike others who where made to either work their way up or had to take a position if their officer was killed in action.

The Starting Rank that Altair became was a Major.

  • Major

Skill's and Abilities

Altair was born with the same unqiue talants all his Family had, however he became even better than his Grand-
Altair Free Running
Father and Great Grand Father, his main skills where his skills at Free-Running, from the age of 5 to 6 he had mastered the skills that his motehr began teaching him, he was able to show amazing feats at his young age and impressed many people.

He even became to be know for his skills with Martial Arts, and was seen to be very fast and powerful when performing his movements, using such skills and abilities made him well known to teh Imperium, which would later base their training to match what Altair is capable of.

Altair Climbing
ltair was also an master at the usage of a Sword, being able to perform Dual Malee styles as well as single handed Styles, he often used this tactic during World War IV bu using His Hidden-Blade in combination with his sword or sometimes a Colt M1911 Hand Gun.

Altair was also an accomplished navigator, being able to direct British Armies to locations, he was also able to inspire loyalty in his Soldiers.

Other than his Fighting, Free-Running and Influence Skills, he was a perfect Governor when he took control of the Italian Town in Tuscany; Monteriggioni, he was often seeing to the needs of its People and ensuring the defence's of the Town where set in place, he was also able to declare Monteriggioni an Independant Town with the Assassin's as its Ruling Body.

Friendships and Relationships

Altair's closest friend was the Nurse he had met in the Fourth World Conflict; Antonia Baria, Altair made several other friends as the Imperium War began, as well as rivalries with the Imperium Leader; Simon Alendria, Altair wasn't one however to actually get close, and once he was close to Antonia it was believed by the Jones Family to be an amazing thing.

Altair however was far too serious and would often deny any truths until he moved to Monteriggioni, once he had control of the Town as well as the Villa, he asked Antonia to live with him.

Antonia Baria 2158 AD

Antonia Baria, Altair's first real Friend (Other than his Family), Altair however didn't fully open up to Antonia strait away, and it took months for the two to fully understand each other.

As Altair began to open up to Antonia, she also began to tell him more about herself, and so began Altair first Relationship, even before he and Antonia opened up to each other; Altair still kept himself in a position to protect Antonia from enemy fire during the War.

Once the War had ended Antonia showed that she had feelings for Altair when she believed he had been killed due to the Mass-Betrayal, and was relieved once he showed up at her Home.

Eventually Antonia would aid Altair on his second arrival to her Family Home, due to how bad his injuries where due to his confrontation against the Imperium's newly aligned British Military, she aided Altair's recovery as best she could using her Medical Expertise from the Army.

Eventually Altair asked Antonia to live with him when he discovered his heritage of the Monteriggioni's Villa; Villa Auditore, and she would later help him when it came to the running of the Town itself, she would run it mainly when Altair was away from the Town.