Aquila Ibn-La'Ahad

POB: Outerspace

Time Period: 19th century Birth: June 2nd

Home-World: Earth

Spiece's: Human

Hair Colour:

  • Black (Child)
  • Brown (Teen, Adult)

Eye Colour:

  • Blue (Child, Teen)
  • Gray (Adult)


  • 4'5 (Child)
  • 5'0 (Teen)
  • 5'9 (Adult)

Skin Colour: White, Olive Colour

Natural Talant's:

  • Eagle Sense
  • Increased Speed
  • Enhanced Reflexes


  • New Assassin Order
  • House of Ibn-La'Ahad


  • Syrian Government


  • Mayla Ibn-La'Ahad (Sister)


  • Unknown

Known Instructor's:

  • Mayla Ibn-La'Ahad

Known Students:

  • Unknown

War's / Events:

  • None

Medal's / Awards:

  • None

Aquila Ibn-La'Ahad, the Grand-Son of Amielia Smithson, like his Older Sister he was born in Masyaf just two years after it had been re-constructed with funds from the Smithson Accounts before the demise of the Smithson Name during the Cold War.

Aquila was raised in the New Assassin Order and trained to be an Assassin in secret, with Masyaf as the Capitol of the New Assassin Order, but kept Secret at the same time to avoid trouble, Aquila was often found within the Village of Masyaf instead of the Masyaf Castle.

Early LifeEdit

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