• European War
  • The Rise of a New Empire
  • The Sino-Soviet War
  • The War of Southern America
  • The War for Central America
  • Expansion of Power


  • None


  • The First Blight
  • The Jedi-Assassini War
  • Rise of the Church


  • October 12, 1997 AD


  • Unknown


  • United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland
    • England
    • Scotland
    • Wales
    • Ireland


  • The British Empire falls under fall control of the Royal Family
  • The British Assassin's Enslaved
    • Circle of the Assassin's Formed
    • The Assassini Corps Formed
  • The New Crusader Army Established
    • The Templar's Re-Formed
      • The Templar Council Formed

Assassin Commanders:

  • Marcus Langley
  • Raven Langley
  • Aasim Ibn-La'Ahad

The Royalists Commanders:

  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • Goerge VI, Duke of York
  • James VII, Duke of Kent

The Council of the Assassin's:

The Royalists:

Famous Battle's / Campaign's:

  • Unknown

War Casulties:

  • Assassin's -
  • Royalists -
Civilian Casulties -
Time-Line: Alternate

The British Civil War, a War between the Assassin's who helped bring the Royals back into power by being part of a British Council to rule the British Country with the Assassin Leader; Marcus Langley, teh Royalists betrayed the Assassin's and began a War in the Country of Great Britain.