David Vietnam

David West during the Vietnam War.

David James West (Born 1923), a member of the US Army and a particpant of the Vietnam War that began in 1955, he was also secretly a member of the US Brotherhood of Assassin's and a close friend to the Afro-Eurasian Assassin; Jason Johnson, David provided important information to the Assassin's since his job for them was mostly as an Informant to the Order.

When the Templar Order arose from the Shadows destroying the Leadership of both US Brotherhood and Afro-Eurasian Brotherhood he joined the Army to escape the Templar's fast movement which involved executing vast members of the two Brotherhoods as well as their informants.

The US Army accepted him and what he knew was able to help him when he fought in the Vietnam War, he learned much as he went to fight against the North Vietnamese Force's; altough an Assassin he didn't agree with Communism like other Assassin's and he beleived that Captalism was the way of the future.