• Imperium War
  • The Assassini Cold War


  • None


  • Unknown

Started: June 15, 2230 AD

Ends: Unknown


  • Earth
    • Europe
      • Moteriggioni
      • Great Britain
      • France
    • America
      • United States
      • Canada
    • Asia
      • China
      • South Korea
      • North Korea
  • Larger Galaxy
    • Corellia
    • Alderaan

EUDF Leaders:

  • Abraham Jones, President of the U.S
  • Billy Creal, Leader of Canadian Republic
  • Altov Kasrov, Russian Government Leader

The GF Leaders

  • Henry Jophan Priminister of the UK

The UCN Leaders:

  • Henry Jophan, Leader of the UCN (Secrelty)
  • Miles Dyson, Supreme General of the Army


  • United States of America
  • Canadian Republic
  • Russia
  • New French Republic
  • New Kingdom of Spain

The Galactic Formation:

  • The New British Empire
  • The Fifty Colonies
  • The Order of the Gray

United Colonial Nations:

  • The United Colonial Nations
  • The North Korean Republic
  • The People's Republic of China
  • Republic of Vietnam

Famous Batte's and Campaign's:

  • Siege of Paris
  • Fall of Corellia
  • Battle of London
Civilian Casulties:
The GF Casulties:

The EUDF Casulties:

The UCN Casulties:

The Fallout War was started in 2230 AD, and it was a War waged between the United Colonial Nations and the New British Empire as well as the New EUDF Force's and New NATO.

The War was started on June 15 2230 AD with the attack on Monteriggioni, and the Fall of Corellia.

The War however was meerly a front for Henry Jophan to secure vital infomation through the memories of Rosa Dalamti's Ancestors, hoping he would learn of something important but as of yet to be said what it is he is actually searching for.

2230 AD, First Year of WarEdit

Starting in June 15 2230 AD, the First Year of the War saw the death and destruction of 2 Million Civilians and several Homes across the World, there was also a mass of destruction within the Larger Galaxy; as the New British Empire attempted to fight on two fronts; Earth and the Larger Galaxy they started to become strained but the priminister was able to ensure they could keep fighting even if Resource's began to run low.

The First year saw the Battle of Monteriggioni, the Attack on Liverpool, the Invasion of Dublin, and also several other Battle's.

Battle of MonteriggioniEdit

The First Battle to start the War; The Battle of Monteriggioni was a Victory for the EUDF, but it came with a massive sacrifice; Monteriggioni was weakend due to its victory, and was left in a deverstated state since the Queen of the State of Monteriggioni had left it to visit the Priminist in an attempt to gain aid to help re-build, but she never returned and the State of Monteriggioni began to crumble as its Town started too.

Fall of CorelliaEdit

The Fall of Corellia was an attack staged by the United Colonial Nations against the New British Empire, this attack caused massive damage to the entire City, and the Battle itself was a major victory to the UCN Force's, and Corellia became the main set up for the UCN to stage attacks throughout the Core Worlds.

Battle of LondonEdit

The Battle of London was a Military Movement by the People's Republic of China, the Battle turned most of the City into a Bloodbath until the British Colonial Military arrived to bring aid to the British Force's on the Planet, with the British Empire and the People's Republic of China clashed it caused a massive stir throughout the World, however it also drew the United Colonial Nations to an Alliance with the People's Republic of China.