Founder: Unidentified Neevan
Founding: 3,790 BBY

Notable Member's:

  • Jason Neevan's Father
  • Jason Neevan's Mother
  • Jason Neevan
  • Brandon Neevan


  • Rise of the Sith Era
  • The Return of the Sith Era
  • Tension Era


  • Galactic Republic
  • Jedi Order
  • Galactic Senate
  • The Sith Empire
  • The new Sith Empire
  • The Brotherhood of Darkness

War's and Event's:

  • Pre-Great Galactic War (3,790 BBY to 3,681 BBY)
  • Great Galactic War (3,681 BBY to 3,653 BBY)
  • The Cold War (3,653 BBY to 3,643 BBY)
  • The New Sith Wars (2,000 BBY)


  • The Smith's (Founder: Revan Smith)
  • The Mason's (Founder: Uldreck Mason)

The Neevan Family is the Current Form of the Ancient Sith Lord/Jedi Revan Smith, all of the Neevan Family Members are direct decendents of Revan Smith, once a Dark Lord of the Sith during the Jedi Civil War.

The Neevan Family has been known to take part in the Galactic Senate, the Jedi Order and Republic Army.

All of the Neevan Family Members are always in something which involves a war.

    Jason Neevan's mother-+-Jason Neevan's father
                   Jason Neevan--+--Damia Corson     

                           Brandon Neevan

Loyalty to the Jedi OrderEdit

Since the Neevan Family has mainly taken part within the Jedi Order, their loyalties to the Jedi are high, alot higher than their Ancestor; Revan Smith who turned to the Dark Side.

Jason Neevan was the first Neevan to become a member of the Jedi High Council, but his position wasn't permanent having made a deal to leave the Jedi Order once the Great Galactic War had finished, this was due to making love to fellow Jedi Master; Damia Corson.

Once the Great War was over however Jason had lost his lover, and therefore followed his Ancestor's footsteps, and started down the Dark Side, no wanting to take vengence against the Sith Empire.

Those who FallEdit

After the death od Damia Corson, Jason was filled by the Dark Side, wanting nothing more than vengence, this was the first stage of which the Neevan Family would suffer before the Dark Side would shroud them.

With ths start of the Cold War, Jason went in search of the Sith Lord who killed Damia Corson, he had changed from the use of Soresu, the defencive form to begin using a more aggressive form of Lightsaber Combat.

The Dark SideEdit

After the fall of Jason Neevan, Brandon's off-spring where trained in the ways of the Dark Side, and they continued to be trained as the Dark Side for the next 1,600 Year's, by the time of the New Sith War's began, the Neevan Family was had become the Mason Family since the final decendent was a female and could no longer carry the name of Neevan.