Smithson Family Shield
Smithson Family Shield - 2158 AD


  • Unidentified Smithson (Male)

Date Family Started:

  • June 12, 2024 AD
  • June 12, 2136 AD


  • Italy
    • Rome
    • Monteriggioni
    • Florence
  • Great Britain
    • England
      • Blackpool


  • Discovery Era
  • The Fallen Era


  • First Contact War
  • Three Year War
  • Second Mandalorian War
  • Second Napoleon War
  • World War IV
  • The Imperium War

Notable Member's:

  • Altair Ibn'La-Ahad Smithson

The Smithson Family, started in 2024, June 12 by an Unidentified Male who was without a last name during his Years of servitude to the Italian Government, he later found the Remains of the Auditore Family Shield and started that as the Foundation of his New Family Ideals.

The Unidentified Smithson was believed to have become an Assassin in the Italian Guild, and was apparently the Leader of the Italian Guilds, it is unknown if this is true, however one decendent became a member of the Assassin's and so that part of his Family remained as Smithson's and as Assassin's, until Mary Smithson married Alex Johnson.

This Assimilated the Johnson and Smithson Families together.

Later, the Assassin; Mary divorsed from Alex Johnson and Clair Johnson was then renamed to Clair Smithson, which began the continuation of the Smithson Family (With Johnson Blood).

Eventually the Smithson would have the perfect Assassin; Altair Ibn'La-Ahad Smithson, both Smithson and Johnson bloodline, and was a direct decendent of Altair Ibn'La-Ahad and Ezio Auditore Da Firenze.

Family TreeEdit

Unidentified Smithson + Unidentified Female (Unknown Family)
                      |        (see Johnson Family)
                      |                 |
                 Mary Smithson†--+--Alex Johnson†                         
                          +------+------+          (House of Eamon)              
                          |             |                 |                  
                   Sam Johnson†      Clair Smithson--+--Alistair Eamon
                                                     |        (House of Baria)
                                                     |               |
                                             Altair Smithson--+--Antonia Baria
                                                   |                     |
                                                   |                Revan Smithson---+---Unknown
                         Andrew Mafey---+---Volante Smithson----+---Unknown
                   Unknown---+---Amielia Smithson


  • State of Monteriggioni
  • New Assassin Order
  • Re-Orginised EUDF.


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