Imperium War Map


  • World War IV
  • China-America War


  • None


  • Unknown


  • April 20, 2157 AD


  • Unknown

War Type: Cold War


  • World Wide
    • Afro-Eurasia
      • Europe
        • Britain
          • London
          • Blackpool
        • Republic of Ireland
          • Dublin
        • Italy
          • Monteriggioni
      • Asia
      • Africa
    • America
      • North America
      • South America


  • The Hashshashin Destroyed (End of WWIV)
    • The European Assassin's Destroyed
    • The American Assassin's Destroyed
    • The Asian Assassin's Destroyed
  • Unknown

The World Allies

  • The Imperium
    • United Kingdom
    • United States
    • Canada
    • Russia
  • The Imperial Japan
    • United Japanese Commies
  • Republic of Vietnam
  • Italian States
  • Kingdom of Spain
  • Albanian Republic
  • Republic of Poland

The Fighters of Freedom:

  • The Syrian Government
    • The Thieve's Guild
    • The Spies Guild
  • The People's Republic of China
  • French Republic
  • State of Israel
  • Republic of Ireland †
  • New Assassin's Order

World Allied Commanders:

  • The Imperium:
    • Simon Alendria, GM + PM
    • Tyber Zann, PoA

The FOF Commanders:

  • The Syrian Government:
    • Alpholanie Kazdeen, PM

Famous Battle's / Campaign's:

  • Attack in Blackpool
  • Attack on Dublin


  • Civilian - 1,200,350
  • WA - 5,030
  • FOF - 6,750

Notable Figure's:

  • WA
    • Simon Alendria
  • FOF
    • Unknown

Other Factions:

  • Unknown

The Imperium War, a Cold War of types, a very dangerous conflict that the world entered however Cold War or no.

The Imperium Order led the World to a new Era, with the Imperium controlling most World Governments, the Assassin Order was killed off just at the end of teh Fourth World War.

This Cold War saw much blood-shed, and many campaigns that the Imperium took on in order to discover somethign Ancient and hidden-away.

Year 2157 AD - First Stage of the Imperium War

The First Stage of the Imperium War was on April 20, 2157 AD with the Imperium Order branding the entire Assassin order traitors to the world for the death of Alundo Hizler; It was the Imperium who actually gave the order to kill Hizler to the Assassin's but gave false infomation to the Allies that he was to be brought in alive, the moment the body was hung on display the Imperium set their moves.

And so began a mass-betrayal around each battle-zone around the planet, Allied Soldiers began executing all Assassihns assigned into the army, and also began hunting them down as well as any who are related to the Assassin's.

Several Skmishes arupted; Attack on Blackpool and Later Invasion of Dublin by Simon who planned to sieze it under the Imperium Banner.

Year 2158 AD - Second Stage of the Imperium War

The Second Year of the Imperium War saw the deaths of many people, as well as the "enslavement" of new members to the Imperium Order through Black-Mail and other means of control.

Among the most deverstating of the Year was the Attack on Monteriggioni and the lust for vengence within Altair grew due to this event, since it saw the Imperium take Antonia Baria hostage in order to sway Altair over into joining the Imperium, but it didn't work, and Altair's lust for Revange saw Altair become a True Leader of the Assassin Order.