Laura Johnson while being Patient

A 16 Year Old Laura Johnson.

POB: United Kingdom, England - Blackpool

Time Period:

  • 20th Century (Late)
  • 21st Century (Early/Mid)


  • United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland, England
    • Blackpool

Birth: November 13, 1974

Death: Unknown

Spiece's: Human

Gender: Female

Ethnic Group:

  • Half British
  • Half Italian

Hair Colour:

  • Dark Blonde (1 Yrs Old)
  • Brown (Child, Teen)
  • Black (Teen, Adult)


  • 4'3 (Child)
  • 4'9 (Teen)
  • 5'4 (Adult)


  • Blue (Child)
  • Gray (Teen, Adult)

Skin Colour:

  • Olive Skin Colour

Natural Skill's:

  • Eagle Sense - Sixth Sense
  • Increased Flexability


  • House of Johnson


  • The United Assassin Order
  • British Assassin's

Known Instructors:

  • Jason Johnson


  • Jason Johnson (Father)
  • Maria Johnson (Mother)
  • Revan Johnson (Brother)
  • Daniella Marathastone (Distant Cousin)


  • Unknown

War's / Events:

  • None


  • None

Laura kin Johnson (Born 1974), was the only Child of Jason and Maria Johnson, Maria choose Laura's name from a book which she had grown accustom to reading ever since she herself was a child, the same book which helped her learn English.

As the daughter of two Assassin's, Laura was raised and trained to become a Killer, however she was raised too well and altough a killer, she was Naive, and easily manipulated since she believed she had to follow any someone said so long as they where older than her, however this was only to a point; People she trusted, those she never got on with she tended to be aggressive towards.

When she was in School she was kicked out many times due to fighting, but when she got herself pregnant she became distant and very quiet, but she was still prone to being very dangerous if she ever lost her temper from the continues amount of bullying she got when her class discovered she was pregnant.

Early LifeEdit

Most of Laura's young life was filled with Education and training to become an Assassin, she never truely made many friends, however she remained close to her Family, she was often closer to her mother since Jason tended to vanish.

Also, when she was 15 Years Old her Drink was spiked while she was out with her "Friends" but she managed to return home, a day later she would be forced into some Sexual activites however she had no memory of it, other than Pain and a Strange Smell.

She tended to keep to herself.