Roman Futuristic Flag
The New Roman Empire, formed in 2904 AD in the remains of the Former Italian Capitol; Rome, beliving the world was giving only them a chance to build the Spiece's, the survivor's claimed themselves to be the New Roman's being mighty and strong for their survival from the UCN's Planetary Wide Bombardment, and as such they where unaware of the UK and US Nation's, and so the New Roman Empire began to build through Italy.

Finding the remains of an Old S.P.Q.R. Flag they re-designed it to be more modern, chaning the Colour and also changing the Logo in the Middle of the Flag as well as the letters, this brought in the Emperor once again, and under the leadership of a Tyrant the New Roman Empire became a powerful and very demanding Nation bringing back Slavery.

When the British and American's where discovered by the Empire, the Roman's believed that they should be destroyed and set out to war against them with Swords and Shield much like the Old Roman's, however they where eventually defeated being outmatched by the M1 Garand's the American's and British where using.

Eventually the New Roman Empire was forced into a lock-down where the British began controlling them along with America to avoid the Roman's from continuing their Slavery Trade's and Worker Ideals, however in 3350 the Roman's where able to build an Army and again fulfill their idea's to become an Empire, and set out once again to make war.