Order of the Gray Symbol, Early Symbol


  • June 8, 2136 on Earth, London


Location Formed:

  • Great Britain, England - London


  • London (Currently)


  • Grand-Master of the Gray
  • Gray Jedi Master
  • Gray Jedi Knight
  • Gray Apprentice

Military Division's:

  • None, Currently

Allied Faction's:

  • The Hashshashin Order
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • The Earth United Defence Force

War's / Event's:

  • World War III

The Order of the Gray was formed on June 8, 2136 AD by the two Gray Jedi; Revan Skywalker and Cody Ford.

The Faction was formed in London, the British Capitol and one of the Base Capitol's of the Assassin Order for Europe.

With this new Faction formed, Revan and Cody made an Alliance with Britain and the Assassin's, as well as the EUDF, this was made Official by the British Goverment and EUDF Diplomacy, and was made known all across Britain and later across the EUDF Allies.

Gray Jedi High CouncilEdit

At the start of the Order of the Gray, Revan and Cody where the only Members of its Council, however since this Council was unable to be a Fully Operational one, the two Gray Jedi became Temp Members of the Assassin's Local Council in order to make preperations during World War III.

Council During the 22nd CenturyEdit

The Council consisted of the Two Gray Jedi at the very start, and they where temp members of the Assassin's Council in order to make Public Annoucements for the War against France.

Year 2136 AD:Edit

  • Gray Jedi Grand-Master, Revan Skywalker
  • Gray Jedi Grand-Master, Cody Ford


At the Start of the Gray Jedi Order, the two Grand-Masters; Revan and Cody formed an Alliance with Great Britain, after presenting their aid to the British Cause to fight against the French Armies that have begun a World Conflict, due to this the Order of the Gray formed a Friendly Alliance with the Assassin Order which had recently been broken apart due to a a vote of no confidence by the American Brotherhood's.

The Order of the Gray held three major Allies;

  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • The European Assassin Order
  • The Earth United Defence Force

With three Allies, the Order of the Gray moved to aid British Force's during its starting wars against the French Armies which where led by Napoleon Bonaparte the Second.

The Order during the Third World WarEdit

Having been formed on June 8, 2136 AD, the Order was only consisted with two Gray Jedi and Three Allies, however even with the Order only in its starting form it went onto fighting for the EUDF, British and Assassin's against the French Armies and its Allies.

First Year of War - 2136-2137 ADEdit

Having Formed on June 8, the Order of the Gray was overseas fighting with British Force's against the French, but in these begining stages of the war, the Allies where being defeated by the French Armies, who had everything planned out to avoid being defeated.

Equipment Used by the Order of the GrayEdit

The Equipment used by the Order consisted mainly of a Lightsaber and Blasters, and any tool they could use during Earth's Third World War Conflict.