• Tatooine (Born 3,994)
  • Deralia (Reprogramed)


  • First DeathCoruscant (between 3,900's BBY and 3,890's BBY)

Spiece's: Human

Gender: Male

Hair Colour:

  • Dirty Blonde (7 Child)
  • Brown (Teen, Adult)


  • 4'7 (Child)
  • 5'4 (Teen)
  • 5'8 (Adult)

Eye Colour: Grey

Skin Colour: Light


  • Old Republic Era


  • Wesito Alto's (Formerely)
  • Jedi Order
  • Galactic Republic
  • The Revanchists
  • Revan's Sith Empire (As Darth Revan)
  • The True Sith (As Darth Revan, and asProject Alpha)

Known Jedi Master's:

  • Kreia
  • Dorak
  • Zhar Lestin
  • Vrook Lamar
  • Vandar Tokare
  • Arren Kae

Known Padawan's:

  • Darth Malak (Sith Apprentice)


  • Mary Smith (Mother)
  • Del Smith (Father)
  • Diana Smith (Sister)
  • Alek (Half-Brother)
  • Kyle (Son)
  • Jason (Decendent)
  • Satele Shan (Decendent)


  • Pre-Mandalorian Wars
  • The Mandalorian Wars
  • The Jedi Civil War
  • Post Jedi Civil War

Revan Smith, born and raised on the Desert planet; Tatooine he was raised in slaverary due to his Father's foolishness with gambling, upon discovering the reasons of his Families enslavement, Revan had alot of hate for his father, even though he was only five years old at the time, he had a slight understanding and it was good enough for him to have a reason to dislike his father.

Eventually he was taken from Tatooine by Jedi Master Kreia, and from there he began his Jedi Training under her, he was claimed to be a promising Jedi due to his eagerness to learn.

Revan was claimed to be the future Champion of the Jedi by the Jedi; Kreia, Arren Kae, Dorak and Vandar Tokare in 3,982 BBY, the Jedi believe that so long as he remains pure to the light and holds to the ideals of the Jedi Code, Revan's future may even be to lead the Jedi Council. In 3,970 BBY Revan swore to defeat the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders after having a vision of the past which showed him the genoside commited by the Mandalorians to the Cathar People.

Since Revan has been given premission to continue his capmaign against the Mandalorians, even though the Council hasn't given its full support, Revan considers it better than nothing, and has ordered Malak, his Best Friend and Half-Brother to begin gathering followers.

Feared as Darth Revan due to his military stratagies and tactics, Darth Revan became one of the most Famous Sith Lords of his day, this caused his reserection in 3,680 BBY in the Sith Empire under the code-name; Project Alpha.

Life on Tatooine

Born to Del and Mary Smith in 3,994 BBY, Revan was the first born child of the Smith Family, Mary named him Revan, however the reason for his is she had shortend the term Revenge, but altered the e for
376px-Anakin Skywalker slave
an a, since Mary was both happy yet angry at this birth, happy that she had a child, but angery that he'd be forced into a life of enslavement.

At the age of 2 Revan had begun showing signs of his cennection to the Force, but at this age it had yet to be fully manifested, as the years went on, his cennection grew in strength, at the age of five, he learned that his father was the cause of his enslavement, and deveoped a strong hate for Del Smith, at six, Revan was put to work for a Rodian named Wesito Alto, who owned a Droid Shop which was ran by Yuka Laka, an Ithorian which had the same desires and wants as the Rodian, both wished to create an Empire on Tatooine by forcing people to by Droid's since it was the only Droid Shop on Tatooine.

At Seven Revan had begun to get bullied for his enslavement by children that where free, these children continued to torment him about his enslavement, with Revan's growing anger and cennection to the Force he caused many problems when he was bullied, it was often that he caused many of the bullies to have head injuries by launching them off their feet, within these weeks, Jedi Master Kreia arrived onto Tatooine, having come to locate the powerful force presence. On the initial meeting with Kreia, Revan wished to question her motives to why she was freeing him, but he stopped himself from asking, when he was freed, he was granted premission to leave with Kreia by his mother, where he left Tatooine for the peaceful world of Dantooine, which ended his life on Tatooine, to begin his new future.

Life of a Jedi

Upon arrival onto Dantooine, Revan was put through several tests before he was granted permission to become Master Kreia’s Jedi Padawan, when Revan had passed his tests he was still kept in meetings before the Dantooine Council would allow him to be trained, it took the agreement of the Archive Master and the Field
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Instructor’s to force the Dantooine Council to agree that Revan should be allowed to be trained.

Following his first year of training as a Jedi, Revan proved to be very eager and a very fast learner, mastering the use of Form I of Lightsaber Combat, and the usage of Force Push, Force Pull and Force Grip, his ways of learning outbested a lot of other Jedi padawan’s which were older than him, Revan’s eagerness however sometimes got the best of him resulting in being called headstrong and reckless by Jedi Master Vrook Lamar.

By 3,992 BBY, Revan had pasted the first stage of his training that Kreia had taught him, and he was believed to be ready for the next stage of his training, and as such, Kreia began to teach him to use the Force Power's; Force Speed, and the Mind Trick, again Revan was quick to learn, and he mastered the two new teachings very fast, he believed that Dantooine's peaceful aura helped him, but Kreia believed differant, and Kreia claimed that it was because Revan was the "Chosen One" and she had often spoke to the Jedi High Council on Coruscant that when she looked at Revan, she felt like she was staring into the heart of the Force.

During his second stage of training, Kreia began to teach Revan to use the Lightsaber Form, Ataru, Form IV of Lightsaber Combat, which used mostly acrobatic movements in Combat, and again Revan was quick to learn this form of fighting, and mastered it very fast.

In 3,990 BBY at the age of 11, Kreia taught the young Jedi to use Force Form; Force Channel, to help him increase his strength and power when him combat, as well as the use of Force Repulse, like everything he is taught, he learns them quickly, Kreia still continues to believe Revan is the "Chosen One", the one to bring balance to the Force, however Jedi Master Vrook disagree's, and claims Revan is getting to much training in that any normal Jedi Padawan, however Kreia remains true to her own ways of teaching.

As proof of Kreia's custom styled teachings, Kreia began showing Revan the basic's of Jar'Kai, which Revan exelenced in moments of being shown, though unknown to Master Kreia, Jedi Master Vrook Lamar and Zez Kai-Ell where watching this session, however Zez Kai-Ell is recorded to have said "Revan's skills are amazing to say the least", even though Vrook still believes Kreia's teachings are too much, he too agreed about Revan's skills.

In the session in which Revan is taught to use Jar'Kai, Kreia commented that he may wish to switch to dual blades in the future, perhaps to be even more effective in combat than just the single blade.

In 3,982 BBY, R
342px-Jedi Revan
evan met with Alek for the first time, and upon their first meeting both Revan and Alek formed a very good friendship, Revan who had been studying the ways of the Jedi since he was 7 began to help Alek in his training, teaching him simple basic's to ensure he remains calm with his Jedi Master, since Alek had come from a world which had been attacked and invaded, resulting in Alek being partly aggressive, a trait Jedi never failed to notice, with Revan's help, Alek was able to put his rage and anger aside, resulting in great praise from his own Master; Kreia.

In 3,981 BBY Revan began preparing for his Knighting Trail, so he and Alek both began learning what they could from Dantooine, eventually leaving to go to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, then to the Training Academy on Taris, as well as the ruins on Ossus, both Revan and Alek where praised as great Jedi, Revan was claimed to be the future champion of the Jedi Order so long as he remained pure to the light.

In 3,981 BBY, Revan went to Master Zhar Lestin, where he questioned him about a Female Jedi that he had recently met named; Alora, Revan questioned how Alora was able to create Force Bonds, eventually this led Revan to study deeper into the history of Force Bonding, wishing to learn as much as possible.

Mission to Rhen Var

"Take what you have learned from this day my Young Padawan Learner" - Kreia to Revan

In 3,984 BBY Kreia had recieved infomation about a theft from the Temple on Coruscant, resulting in the change in the Jedi Temple's gaurding and other protections, the Vault was enhanced to have even greater defence's.

Jedi Master Vandar had heard about Kreia's wish to locate the thief, so he allowed Kreia to begin the mission, both Kreia and Revan visited Onderon where the last location of the Thief was, upon arrival the Onderonian Military questioned the arrival of the two Jedi, after Kreia had explained about the theft, the Onderonian Gaurds told them a man that they where searching for fitted the description which the Jedi had gave, and that the thief had left Onderon, the last known coordinates where to Rhen Var, Jedi Master Kreia and Padawan Revan left right away to track down the Thief, eventually catching upto the Thief's vessel which had crashed into Rhen Var's Citadel, both Jedi made their way deeper inside, eventually being seperated due to a calapse in one of the main halls.

Revan now alone began searching leading him back outside, where the thief attacked him, Revan was quick to active his Lightsaber, and begin deflecting blaster shots, but the Thief proved to be better than what was said of him, resulting in Revan learning that this Thief was a Mandalorian Bounty Hunter, when Revan went to make a strike, the Mandalorian managed to force Revan to drop his saber by setting off some mines near the path which Revan was running, though the actual intention was to kill, Revan survived, but was defenceless, if not for the timely arrival of Kreia, the ,Mandalorian may have killed Revan, however, once captured, Kreia and Revan learned that the item which was stolen was no longer in his possesion, forcing Kreia to execute the Mandalorian out of anger, eventually they returned to the High Council with the infomation.

The Knighting

"Step Forward Padawan Smith, here you will be taking your first steps to a larger future in the Order, you will be a Jedi Knight, abide the Code and remain true to the light Revan Smith" - Vandar Tokare to Revan

In 3,980 BBY, Revan was brought to Coruscant by the High Council, where Master Vandar Tokare brought Revan to the Hall of Knighthood, Revan was ready for the moment which was to come, when he entered he saw his Master alongside the other Council Members, and once called forward, he approached Master Vandar, who removed the Padawan Braid from Revan's hair, as a symbol to Revan being prmoted to Jedi Knight.

Tracking a Bounty Hunter

In 3,979 BBY, the Jedi Council was alerted to an Assassination attempt on a Senator, who represented Naboo, the Council sent Jedi Knight; Revan into begin gathering infomation about this apparent Assassin, as Revan was leaving the Jedi Temple he alerted his best-friend Alek, and sensing that Alek wished to join him on his search, Revan allowed Alek to follow, where the two went to the Senate Building, where they spoke with Supreme Chancellor Gordon, who alerted them to the Assassin, Revan questioned wiether or not it was an Assassination, believing it was to open for an Assassin to have done, once they had what they needed, Revan and Alek left to follow the trail.

Mission to Coruscant's Underground

Following the Supreme Chancellor's advise, the two Jedi went to the Coruscant Underground, and inturn led to them going to the Uscru Entertainment District, where Revan and Alek both entered the Outlander Club, Revan sent Alek to search the Club, while Revan went to speak with the Local Crime Lord, however the Crime Lord was unaware of Revan being a Jedi, and a Rodian Thug dealed Revan into a Gamble at a game of pazak, Revan took this as his chance to subtle question the Crime Lord, he was able to learn very little however, forcing himself to reveal he could "Read-Minds" this in turn led to the one who dealt him in to attempt to try his blaster, which Revan anticpated, and through the force, broke the chair which the Rodian was sat on, this however got the others to stand and begin to fire at him, Revan was faster however and defelected the blaster shots from their blasters with ease, eventually he just sent them flying back and trapped the Crime Lord against the wall, using the table, through the force Revan began to break the table which the wood of the table began to stab into the Crime Lord, Revan was able to get the infomation he needed, and left the Outlander Club to locate the Assassin.

Confrontation on Naboo

Upon arrival of Naboo, Revan and Alek where greeted by the Naboian Security, who where questioning this arrival, when Revan alerted them to his mission in tracking down an apparent Assassin, the Security pointed him and Alek in the direction of a Bounty Hunter who had arrived, both Revan and Alek made their move and tracked the Bounty Hunter rather quickly, both Jedi activated their lightsabers in an attempt and hope to have him surrender.

However a fight broke out, Revan and Alek where able to deflect the blaster shots, but as Alek made a move to strike, Alek was caught by a Grenade, this resulted in a 1 on 1 fight between Revan and the Unknown Bounty Hunter, Revan was injured during this, but he healed himself with the force, eventually Revan removed the right hand from teh Bounty Hunter, and believed him to be defeated, but the Bounty Hunter used a device which set off his grenades, causing Revan to leap over a ledge while the body blew up.

Return to the Jedi / Mision Failed

Upon the remains Revan found nothing, and aided Alek back to the shuttle, since Coruscant was too far for medical aid, Revan choose to head to Dantooine, and it wasn't long before they arrived, while Alek was aided by his Master Zhar, Revan went to the Dantooine Council, and alerted them that he had failed his mission to capture the Bounty Hunter.

Peace talks on Onderon

In 3,977 BBY, Jedi Knight Revan was selected with Jedi Knight Alora to aid in the Republic Peace talks on Onderon, the mission went very well, however a Mandalorian Spy was located, thus a fire-fight broke out, forcing the two Jedi to intervene in the fighting, as the fire-fight came to a stop, the Mandalorian had vanished, and the Republic was asked to leave Onderon while the planet could settle.

The Mandalorian Wars

The mandalorian Wars began sometime in 3,976 or before, however the war never really got the Republic's attention until Taris's resource wolrd was threatend, forcing the Galactic Republic to make a move to defend Suurja.

Discovering the Mandalorian Activities

In 3,972 BBY Revan discovered from his former Master; Kreia that the Jedi Council was ignoring plea's from the Republic which where about eurgent need for aid against the escolating Mandalorian threat in the Outer-Rim, this enfuriated Revan, and he began to make public arguments against the Jedi inside the Jedi Temple, openly rebeling to the Orders the Jedi Council are putting down about joining in the war.

Entering the War / Early Conflicts

After one final argument with the Master; Vrook, Kavar and Zez Kai-Ell, Revan was close to getting something when Master Vandar ended the argument, forcing everyone to return to their qaurters, once night came though, Revan spoke with Alek about his plans, as he was about to leave Alek told Revan that he will go with him to aid against the Mandalorians, eventually Revan and Alek got a small group and left for a Republic Military Base, which sent the Jedi group to the Battle Group heading to Suurja for the Fourth Battle.

Fourth Battle of Suurja

Upon the following morning, the Battle Group sent to Suurja began the battle against the mandalorian's in space, Revan choose to battle in space, piloting an Aurek Fighter while several other jedi went to the surface with Alek, as the battle of Suurja raged on, Revan came close to taking out Cassus Fett's Star-Fighter, however Fett retreated from the battle, which marked the end of the battle.

Even though Fett had left, the battle still went on, until the Mandalorians where able to capture all Jedi on the surface, with the capture of the Jedi, the Mandalorians ended the battle for real, which concluded a stalemate, both forces retreated from Suurja having lost too much, Revan being aware that the Mandalorians had taken the Jedi was faced with anger, and rage at the failing of the battle, and what was left returned to the Republic Base located on Serroco.

Battle of Serroco

In 3,971 BBY Revan particpated in the starting battle of Serroco, however his ultimate goal was just to scout the Republic Lines there, and when the battle started, he joined in in order to fend off the Mandalorian attack, but when Mandalorians stopped their attack, Revan became alert that something else was happening, but he was not expecting the Mandalorian's final move which involved a Nuclear attack, which was aimed at the surface of Serroco, once the battle ended, Revan and the Jedi with him left the battlefield as the Mandalorians did.

Revealation's on Tatooine

In 3,971 BBY Revan went to Tatooine to get answers from Del Smith, however the answers he was wanting never got answered since Revan was unable to ask a question, when he arrived to his old life, Alek arrived, and entered the shop, Revan had to move quick when Alek was to move into attempt to kill his father, every moment Alek was saying that Del Smith was a slaver, Revan was unsure since his father had become a slave himself, this argument eventually ended when Mary entered the conversation, resulting in a shocking revealation, Alek and Revan where half-brothers, Revan grew angry finding out this, and believed that no motehr should abondon their child then make love to the one which enslaved her in the first place, overcome by anger, Revan used the Dark Side Power; Force Choke, and murdered Del Smith, then demanded to know where his younger sister was, in order to take her away, once he knew, he left his mother to cradle the dead body.

Revealations on Cathar

"They were beaten! You didn't have to do it! One of you knew, but you didn't listen! I don't know your name—but I take up your cause. I will not remove your mask until there is justice—until the Mandalorians have been defeated once and for all. So swears…Revan!" - Revan

Jedi Knight Revan, his friend and fellow Jedi Knight Alek, and their faction of Jedi were on Cathar searching for evidence of the Mandalorians' slaughter of the Cathar people. The Jedi Council member Vrook Lamar and a team of Council loyalists arrived on planet and confronted the Revanchists, ordering them to abandon their
efforts. During the discussion, Revan noticed the helmet which had belonged the Mandalorian woman and picked it up. When some light shone on the helmet, all the Jedi present experienced a Vision of the battle that had taken place ten years prior. After the vision's completion, Revan recognized that the Mandalorian female tried to defend the Cathar and donned her helmet, vowing not to remove it until he and his Jedi defeated the Mandalorians permanently.

Mid-War Conflicts

The Mid-War Conflicts where a series of battles in the years following 3,970 BBY, these battle's where bloody and very deverstating, Revan had to learn new ways of combat, employing the stratagies used by the Mandalorians to gain advantages, Revan's leadership was legenderary.

Battle of Myrkr

In 3,970 BBY Revan was alerted to the failing Republic Force's on Myrkr, so he set out to aid the Republic forces, upon arrival Revan showed his masterary on the battle field by pulling out a brilliant surprise attack on the unsuspectign mandalorian fleet that orbited Myrkr, once the Mandalorians fleet was broken, the Republic made its way to the surface, it wasn't long before Revan and Malak was able to force the Mandalorians into retreat.


Discovery on Dantooine

In the final month of 3,970 BBY Revan and Malak left the Flag-Ship; Grey Heart to pick up a trail Revan had discovered, its was here Revan discovered the Rakata Ruins, which would start his journey to search for the Ancient Super-Station; The Star Forge, however upon entering Revan and Malak encountered an Ancient Droid, once which had never been seen before in the Galaxy, Revan learned from it that it was here since the days of its Masters Empire, and that is is meer
ly a Gaurdian.

The Droid alerted Revan and Malak they must prove themselves worthy to enter the chamber which held a Map, which they did easily, but before entering Revan began pacing infront of the final door, while Malak started to speak about how once they passed beyond the door they'd never be able to go back, after a moments thought Revan used the force to open the door, and they both entered the last chamber, as they approached the Star-Map activated

Discovery of Trayus Academy

In 3,969 BBY Revan discovered Trayus Academy, and ancient Sith Structure, upon entering it, he felt the surge of the Dark Side, however he was able to feed upon the Dark Side and remain himself, unlike those who would be overcomb by its power, Revan dug deeper into Malachor's Sith Structure, locating the centre of trayus academy, there he felt the true power of the Dark Side of the Force.

During these moments Revan saw glimpses of the future, and was alerted to a danger beyond the known reaches of space, and believed he must begin tracking it down, however he believed this war needed to be ended first, so he eventually left trayus academy, with an idea to use Malachor as the final battle location, but believed he should just keep that to himself for the time being.

Discovering the Second Map on Kashyyyk

Having spent months away from the Republic fleet, Revan became aware that the Mandalorians where still planning, so as he traveled he sent messages to the Republic fleet to incourage them to ingage Mandalorians around the Galaxy.

Revan also located Kashyyyk, and remembered the map on Dantooine which showed him this location, and went to search the planets surface, stumbling upon the Shadowlands he ventured deep, and found the second Star Map, he recorded this infomation and eventually left Kashyyyk to return to the fleet at Myrkr.

Second Battle of Taris

The Second Battle of Taris was one of the last battles of the Mandalorian Wars. Republic forces freed Taris from Mandalorian control, and pushed on towards the main Mandalorian strongholds beyond the Republic in the Outer Rim.

Additionally, the Republic drove the criminal Exchange corporation from Taris, at least temporarily, freeing the slaves held by both the Exchange and the Mandalorians. Revan personally freed a young Cathar named Juhani. It was this act of kindness and nobility that convinced Juhani to attempt training as a Jedi Knight.

Final Years of the War

Second Battle of Dxun

The Second Battle of Dxun was one of the last battles of the Mandalorian Wars prior to the final confrontation between Republic and Mandalorians forces at Malachor V. The siege took place at a critical stage of the conflict and many of those who fought for the Republic believed it would determine the ultimate outcome of the war.

During the start of the invasion of Dxun, Revan was sending down Droid Units down to begin disabling the Anti-Air emplacements , however none managed to destroy them all, and upon entering the lower atmosphere Revan watched Alora's vessel get shot down, eventually Revan's was shot down, eventually he was able to fight through the Dxun Jungle to Mandalorian Camps where he destroyed most Mandalorian supply units.

Revan alos located the crash site that Alora was in, and proceeded to defend the site until evac arrived, after Alora was taken to the fleet, Revan continued to fight with other jedi and republic soldiers for months on end until the new year 3,968 BBY, at the second month Revan was able to claim victory, and from there he went to aid Malak on Onderon

Second Battle of Onderon

Revan arrived to Onderon with small amounts of Soldiers which survived from Dxun, and he began aiding Malak in his battle on Onderon, however he recived a messaged from former Jedi Knight; Sarah about the Senate, and he left the battle field to speak, after his speach he returned to the battle field to aid Malak, it wouldn't end until the fifth month when they where able to claim victory.

Second Battle of Althir

The Second Battle of Althir was a battle that took place late in the Mandalorian Wars, during the lead-up to the Battle of Malachor V.

It involved a large-scale confrontation between Republic forces commanded by Revan and much of the Mandalorian army stationed on the conquered world of Althir. Very little is known about the battle other than the fact that it resulted in the near extermination of the Mandalorian ground forces.

Battle of Malachor V

The Battle of Malachor V, called Ani'la Akaan — "Great Last Battle" — in Mando'a, was the final cataclysmic battle of the Mandalorian Wars. It transformed the planet Malachor V into a "graveyard world" after Revan sacrificed a significant portion of his own forces to obliterate the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders.


Revan himself however was facing Mandalore the Ultimate in singal combat, Revan ultimately prevailed over the Mandalorian Leader, and killed him, and removed the Mask of Mandalore, and took it for himself to hide from the galaxy, dishonoring the Mandalore Clans.

Into the Unknown

After Revan returned to Coruscant, all that he did was bring in the survivors from Malachor V final battle, but he and Malak vanished right after they brought the last of the survivors in, only rumours lay in their wake, rumours which imply Revan took half the Republic Army and Fleet into the unknown.

Search Within the Unknown

During 3,966 BBY when Revan and Malak vanished with half the Republic Army and Fleet, Revan began searching the Unknown for two main things; the Star Maps which led to the Star Forge and the Ancient Sith Empire, Revan eventually discovered a Map on Manaan but later went back into the unknown again where he found Dromund Kaas.

Meeting the Sith Emperor

Upon landing on the planet; Dromund Kaas, Revan and Malak felt the surge of the Dark Side fr
587px-Revan Malak Sith Emperor
om the planet itself, and they began searching around, eventually they discovered the SIth Citadel, where they where stopped by Sith, and taken to the Emperor of the Sith.

During this meeting Revan and Malak activated their lightsaber, however the Emperor gave an offer to Revan and Malak to join his side and fight for the Empire in a war which could be remembered for centuries to come, and possibly even secure a real peace for the Galaxy itself, Revan agreed, having already learned of the ways of the Sith due to the teachings at Malachor's Trayus Academy, this agreement completed Revan's turn to the Dark Side, also the Sith Emperor arranged for Malak to also become a Sith Lord.

Revan and Malak then left to begin their mission for the Emperor which was to locate the Star Forge, what was the original plan they had anyway.

Continuing the Search for the Star Forge

Following their mission for the Ancient Sith Empire, the two new Sith Lords began finding the remaining Maps which will lead them to the Ancient Super-Station; The Star Forge, Revan and Malak would eventually find the Star Forge, where they where about to board but before they could their ship fell to Lehon, the Rakata home-world due to some kind of disrupter field, it was Revan who was able to fend off the savage Rakata, and used the force to break their will to his own, so he'd make them understand basic, and possibly aid him in speaking the Rakata Laungauge, Revan used the Black Rakata to find out about the Star Forge, but found they knew nothing of it.

Revan later learned that the Elder Rakata would know about it, and both Revan and Malak set out to locate the Elder Rakata, and they convinced the Elders to aid them in getting to the Star Forge, Revan claimed he was a Jedi searching for the Forge to Destroy it, which the Elders believed, and began aiding Revan.

Fall to the Dark Side

Revan eventually located the Star Forge, and with it he began forming an almighty fleet, as it was growing Revan began blackmailing the Mandalorians, forcing them into his service, to cause the Republic to believe the Mandalorians where starting another war, Revan's plans went well and this continued until 3,958 BBY.

Jedi Civil War

Within 3,958 BBY, Revan launched a suprise attack on the Republic shipyards at Foerost, and from here the Jedi Civil War had begun, Revan sent a message to the Galactic Senate, alarming them that Revan had indeed fallen to the Dark Side and was now starting his own war against the Galactic Republic,

Other than the attack of Foerost, it is unknown how the war went, other than the Jedi and Republic where being crushed by Revan's stratagies and tactics, as they where unmatched the Sith continued to roll over the Galactic Republic bringing nothing but destroying, however there was something in Revan attack pattern that went unnoticed to all but his Apprentice Malak, but Malak in truth never understood Revan's intentions, since Revan was allowing planets to be re-built.

Betrayed by the Apprentice

In 3,957 BBY, Revan and Malak was lured into battle against a small Republic fleet in an Outer-Rim Sector, where a small Jedi Strike Team boarded Revan's Flag-Ship, and engaged the Sith present on Revan's bridge, Revan prepared himself to engage the Jedi Padawan; Bastila Shan, but before the duel could begin, Revan's apprentice; Darth Malak ordered his ships to attack Revan's bridge, after this attack, Revan was left nearly dead as his ship fell towards the planet it was orbiting, however Bastila managed to save Revan's life but formed a Force Bond between them.

Second Search for the Star Forge

After recovering, Revan now believed himself to be a loyal Republic Soldier by the name of John Smith, unaware of his past of being a Sith Lord, his only memories where those created by the Jedi who had reprogramed his mind, as Revan was sent on his first mission, the ship he was assigned to; The Endar Spire was destroyed over the planet Taris, stranding him there, however upon crashing Revan began seeing memories of his past, but was unable to make any of them out, eventually with the help of Carth Onasi, Revan was able to locate Bastila, and save her from a group known as Black Vulkar's, however this was only one thing to escape from, Darth Malak who had a fleet in orbit order Taris's destruction, forcing Revan, Carth, Bastila a Twi'Lek and a Wookie to find a way off of Taris, they located the Smuggler Ship; Ebon Hawk, and used it to escape Taris.

Upon arrival on Dantooine, Revan was trained once again to use the Force, Revan was fast to learn what he was taught just as he was when he first became a Jedi, eventually he and Bastila Shan where sent out to locate the Star Forge.

Reverlations on the Leviathan

Upon finding the fourth map, Revan, Bastila and Carth and the rest of the Ebon Hawk Crew where captured by Sual Karath who was incharge of the Leviathan, later they had escape Revan learned the truth from Malak about his true past, but Revan remained true to the Jedi Order, and dueled against Malak, however Revan and Malak's duel was ended, but Revan's life was saved by Bastila, but being unable to aid Bastila, Revan was forced to escape with Carth.

Battle of Rakata Prime

The Final days of the War, Revan, Carth and the Crew of the Ebon Hawk eventually found Lehon and the Star Forge, however the Ebon Hawk crashed on the surface, and with the aid of the Elder Rakata, Revan and two other Jedi named; Jolee and Juhani where able to get within the Temple of the Elders, at the peak of the tower, Revan encountered Bastila who was now the apparentice of the Dark Lord.

Revan engaged Bastila in a duel, however Bastila escaped from Lehon.

When the Republic arrived to engage the Sith Fleet, Revan and Carth where assigned to board the Star Forge with a group of Jedi, as they fought their way through the Star Forge, Revan ended up getting seperated from Carth, but he ended up dueling against Bastila Shan one on one, Revan eventually defeated her, and convinced her to come back to the light.

From there Revan went on to duel Malak, engaging him in a climatic duel, which ended with Revan as the victor, however Revan allowed him to live, and both Revan and Malak escaped the Star Forge moments before its destruction.


Due to his Military mastery during the Mandalorian Wars and in the Jedi Civil War, Revan was praised and feared, being known to millions as the Revanchist, a Hero of the Mandalorian Wars, but dreaded as Darth Revan, Dark Lord of the Sith, Revan's capablities proved to the galaxy how dangerous a fallen Jedi truely was, since Revan had huge forces thanks to the Secret Star Forge, an Ancient Rakata Super-Station which once fueled the Infinite Empire during the days of the Rakata.

Its mainly because of the fear caused by Revan, that the True Sith put a Project into effect, the Project involved using blood samples of Darth Revan, eventually they where able to make a full Clone, and code-named him; Project Alpha.

Power's and Abilities

Revan was a promising Padawan, and proved it when he was learning to use the Force, quickly learning to use Force Power's such as Force Push, Force Pull and even Force grip, due to how fast Revan learned, he was also able to learn the Jedi Mind trick and Force Speed when Kreia believed he was ready for the second stage of his training, during his third stage of training, Kreia taught him to use Force Repulse, as well as how to Channel the Force correctly in combat by showing him his first ever Force Form, and like all what he's shown and taught, he is fast to learn how to use the Force Channel Form and the Force Repulse power, by the end of his fourth Stage of Training Revan had learnt to use Force Wave, Force Persuasion, Beast Control and Breath Control, eventually with Revan's eagerness to learn more, he sought out differant Jedi, to learn more about the Force and the use of the Lightsaber, under Jedi Master Vrook, Revan was able to learn to use Force Healing and also the Force Form; Force Affinity, eventually Revan went to Arren Kae to learn more and learnt to use Force Stun and Force Stasis.

In 3,971 BBY Revan learned to use Force Choke through his anger and rage at discovering his mother had abondoned her first child, Revan's half-brother; Alek.

Revan also proved to be rather quick to learn the Lightsaber Form Shii-Sho, Form I of Lightsaber Combat, like his two new force powers, he learned Form IV: Ataru very quickly as well, which impressed his Jedi Master very much.

Since his Second Stage had been completed, Kreia began showing him how to wield Dual Blade's, an alternative to the single Blade, she showed him the basic's for Jar'Kai, even though Padawan's are to be restricted from the use of Jar'Kai until they are at the fifth stage of training, due to how easy he found it, Kreia remarked he'd prove better in combat with two rather than a single blade.

Also under Master Arren Kae, Revan was able to learn Lightsaber Form V, but the alternative form to Djem-So, Arren Kae showed Revan how to use the Shien Form, a style which requires the user to wield their lightsaber in the opposite direction and to use a reverce grip on their lightsaber hilt, Revan also learned to use Form III of Lightsaber combat from Zez Kai-Ell, the Defencive Form Soresu proved to be an easier training session than Revan believed.

Lightsaber's owned by Revan

Revan Smith has utilized only two ever Lightsabers in his history of being a Jedi, his first as a Youngling which he kept up until a mission on Rhen Var where he lost it, his first saber held a Violet Crystal which emitted a violet coloured blade.

Saber type 4 0000

Revan's Second Lightsaber however had a Blue Crystal, which emits a blue coloured Blade. The Second Lightsaber used by Revan was created purely by Revan without any help, Kreia had full confidence that Revan would make it without any problems.

In 3,970 BBY, when Revan swore to defeat the Mandalorians after having a vision which showed him the past, when the Mandalorians commited Genoside of the Cathar people, Revan changed the blue crystal in his lightsaber to a violet one, like his first lightsaber.

Revan saber

Other Equipment and Clothing of Revan

During Revan's life as a Jedi, Revan has always worn the Jedi attire, even when he entered the Mandalorian Wars, he kept to the Jedi Attire, until 3,970 BBY when Revan discovered a Mandalorian Helmet, which Revan swore to wear until the Mandalorians where defeated once and for all. The Only Armour worn by Revan, apart from a pair of padded gloves is a Mandalorian Mask which he had found on Cathar in 3
,970 BBY.

Other Equipment used by Revan are the Jedi and Republic standard Comm-Links, Revan also has 150 Standard Credits on his person at all times incase he is in need of it.

In 3,969 BBY Revan changed his style due to the way the Mandalorian Wars where progressing, as such Revan began wearing long Dark hooded Robes, which a chest plate and armoured gautlets, as well as a cape and the Mandalorian mask, Revan choose this type of Attire believed it would aid the Republic in seeing a Hero, and not a Jedi.

Other than the new Robes, Revan also began carrying parts for Lightsabers in his Belt Pouches in case he ever needed to build a new Lightsaber.

Friendships and Relationships

Alek, considered by many to be Revan's best-friend, and they would be right, considering Revan actually agree's that Alek is indeed Revan's best Friend, the two met in 3,982 BBY when Alek began his training, and since then the two have always gone to learn more about the Force both where a true team as well, always trying to get on the same missions, when ever they where they proved to work very well together.

Up until the Duel on the Leviathan, Revan and Alek where best-friends, but after the duel, their friendship was shaken, and just forced them to act as Master and Apprentice, niether caring about the other any longer.

It remained that way until after the Final Battle of the Jedi Civil War at the Battle of Lehon.


Alora, Revan had met Alora in 3,983 BBY when she arrived at the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine, Revan and Alora formed a strong bond, and would be very close in their training, Revan has often gone onto protect Alora in training sessions if ever Alora is nearly taken down by training droids, also Revan has once saved Alora's life on a mission in 3,979 BBY when a Smuggler and Bounty Hunter team blew up the ship which Alora and her Master where attempting to get too, since Revan disobeyed his Master he proved how loyal and protective he was of her.

Some time in the Mandalorian Wars Revan and Alora had a romantic involvement just before the Battle of Malachor, it is unknown when however, but its known it was 2 months before the Battle at Malachor, resulting in Revan's further loyalty to Alora, after Malak requested Alora be killed, Revan refused to allow this to happen.