British-Assassin Flag.

New British Empire's Flag.

The United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland, led by the Assassin Grand-Master of the United Assassin Order who was also Prime Minister of Great Britian; Marcus Langley.

The Rise of the Third British Empire was all planned out by Marcus; with multiple Wars being brought into effect by the Imperium Assassin's; Marcus believed he was able to take a chance and re-build what was lost.

So the Plans for the Third British Empire was begun by Marcus Langley.

Second Assassin ConflictEdit

British-Irish WarEdit

The War started by the Imperium; which led the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland to attack the Republic of Ireland began the first Stage of the Third British Empire's Re-Birth program planned by Marcus Langley.

The War in the Republic of Ireland was also the turning point in the Alliance between the British and the United States; with the US under the rule of the Imperium with a puppet leader; the US Army no longer refered to themselves as the United States Military; but instead refered to themselves as the Imperium's Might; or Imperium's Imperial Military Power.

With Ramirez J. Houston as the President the American's began to revolt against his Rule; and as a result Marcus beleived it maybe time to soon take the fight to the US to aid those who are revolting and to end the Imperium; but he still needed to ensure the victory in the Republic of Ireland.

European Union Invasion of SyriaEdit

While the War continued in Ireland; Marcus got word about the Assassin's in Syria under the Imperium had begun plotting to bring more Power to their Order; though they had the United States, they still desired more Power to eliminate the United Assassin Order.

And Marcus arranged all reserve Units that where to be sent to help the British Force's in Ireland; but now he had them head to Syria; and began recruiting new Soldiers to incease the British Army further; the British SAS and British Naval Force's where the first to arrive near Syria; their main target for now was only Masyaf and Damascus; the rest of the Military Power was gonna be coming from the European Union since the British where still needing to focus its power in Ireland.