• The Houston Rise to Power


  • Unknown


  • November 12, 1991


  • Unknown


  • Europe
    • Great Britain
    • Ireland


  • Unknown

The British Empire

  • The British Assassin's
  • Germany
  • Italy

The European Union

  • Republic of France
  • Kingdom of Spain

The Empire Commanders:

  • Marcus Langley
  • James Omera
  • Thomas West

European Commanders:

  • Unknown

Famous Battle's / Campaigns:

  • Unknown

Notable Participants:


  • The Empire - Unknown
  • The European Union - Unknown
The Empire's Casulties:
The European Union Casulties:
Civilian Casulties:

The European War, an event which was caused by the British Nation after Marcus Langley achieved power and decalring that the Nation no longer needed to have a Political System for voting new Parties in; but instead made the Queen equal to that of the Assassin Brotherhood in Britain.

This shocked the British Nation, however it caused no problems; due to the Assassin's forming a new Council which enabled the working people and the Upper Classes to become equal; money was shared out, and the workers where not forced into working for small amounts.

The British Assassin's and the Royal Family also began to question what the effects of re-forming an Empire would be; and thus the Assassin's set out to begin a New British Empire.