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  • 19 BBY, Surprise Attack at Raxus Prime
  • June 12, 2045 - Attack on Washington D.C.


  • Earth - July 10, 2046 (Alliance Formed with New Axis and Edge's Loyalists)
  • Republic - Month 7- Day 10- Year 18 BBY (Grievous Retreats from Earth)


  • The Grand-Alliance Broken in Half
  • The Republic Abondon Earth as it enters World War III
  • The Republic Senate Refuses to send Aid to Earth to put a stop to the new Factions
  • Skynet Advance's Further
  • World War III Is begun, Nuclear threat raise's
  • Larger Galaxy Campaign's begin


  • Planet Earth - World Wide
  • The Core Worlds
  • The Mid-Rim

Major Battle's:

  • First Battle of Washington D.C.
  • Second Battle of Washington D.C.
  • Campaign of Vietnam
  • Campaign of New York
  • Missle attack on Moscow
  • Third Battle of Washington D.C.

Faction's: The Allies

Faction's: The Grand-Alliance

  • Reaper's Empire
  • Confederacy
  • People's Republic of China
  • Republic of Vietnam
  • Republic of China
  • French Communists†

Faction's: The New Axis

Commanders: The Allies

  • Supreme Chancellor David Jones
  • Codysseus Fitron
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Anakin Skywalker
  • Revan Smith
  • Anshii Tesla
  • John Price
  • James Willson

Commanders: Grand-Alliance

  • Darth Reaper - MIA
  • Darth Edge (First and Mid-Second Years)
  • General Grievous
  • Chen Zen†
  • Chong Zenti

Commander's: New Axis

The Great War, began in 19 BBY in the Galactic Calander, while on Earth, it had begun in June 12, 2045 upon the clander of Earth.

The Conflict was the beginning of something far worse to come, however the Republic and Sith Empire made allies on Planet Earth, but the future of this war is only dark, and continues to fall into Darkness.

The Great WarEdit

The Great War, a war to be considered the most bloodiest of the mordern World and the Larger Galaxy, it has been given differant names by those fighting within the war, on Earth the British and American's call it World War III, other's such as the People's Republic of China call it the War for Freedom and Communist Movement's.

The Galactic Republic call it the Dark War's or sometimes the War of the Worlds, where as the Confederacy call it the Ultimate War for Independence.

The Galaxy has only seen one full year at the current moment, but its considered to be the most deverstating with no end in sight due to the amont of new factions being born forcing the war to continue, most want Freedom, others want domination, the Reaper Empire are one such Faction wanting domination, but they've hid their intentions by making People's Republic of China believe they're wanting to aid Comminist Movements on Earth, though this is very fragile and the Dark Lord; Darth Reaper make's every move carefully wanting to avoid people discovering his true motives, though the Republic already knows as well as the Jedi since the war never ends between Sith and Republic.

First Year of the War 19 BBY and 2045 ADEdit

The First Year of war was from 19 BBY to 18 BBY, and on Earth from 2045 to 2046, this one year saw much fighting and several Campaign's around Earth.

Forcing many new factions to raise as well as an old one which was a reincarnation known as Neo-Nazi Germany.

First Battle of Washington D.C.Edit

The Battle of Washington was named the Bloodiest Battle in American History as it was fought from the start with only American Force's against Reaper's Empire and the People's Republic of China, the Washington Defence was out-matched against the Armies of Chinese Soldiers and Battle Droid's, eventually the American's where being pushed back forcing them in the direction of the White House.
Article-1226588-07278507000005DC-783 634x356

However a timely arrival of the British S.A.S was able to aid the American Defence's and begin fighting back against the Invading Force's, these soldiers fought the enemy back enough to allow more soldiers to bolster the defence's of the American Army.

Eventually the Galactic Republic arrived with an Army of Clone Trooper's and with their help they pushed the Invader's out of Washington, as the Chinese and Reaper's Empire retreated, a duel between Darth Reaper and Cody Fitron began.

Duel in WashingtonEdit
The Duel in Washington was during the Military Retreat of the Chinese and Reaper's Empire, this is where Reaper revealed that he would be Thousand's of year's old if he hadn't used a Mac
Duel in the Geonosian Hangar
hine he'd invented to get him to the current Era.

However the duel ended with neither fighter killed or injured.

Deverstation on CoruscantEdit

The Deverstation of Coruscant happened after General Grievous escaped Earth by unknown means, who inturn led a unknown fleet so large it was able to whipe out all Ships in orbit of Coruscant, with nothing to defend Coruscant, the Confederacy proceeded to destroy the Capitol's Surface.
The Sacking of Coruscant in 3,653 BBY

The Bombardment lasted several hours and it whiped out everything on the planet's surface apart from the Senate Building and Jedi Temple though the structure's remained standing, they where ruins of what was left due to the damage they'd taken.

With the Capitol destroyed, Grievous hoped this would force Republicans away from Earth to think there was a larger threat making a move against the Republic while they concerntraied on Earth.

It actually worked for a time.

Second battle of Washington D.C.Edit

With only a few days passed since the first attempt, the People's Republic of China brought in extra force's as well as the new allies, Republic of Vietnam, and they began preping for another attack on the U.S Capitol City, when the attack was launched, they started off with little to no problem's as they engaged against American Force's.
Article photo1 jpg full 600

However they eventually got into heavy resistance when a Jedi Master arrived with Clone Force's, Reaper attempted to lure the Jedi into a trap, but failed to draw him to it, and he watched as Chinese Bombing Planes began bombing runs over Washington, once clear he gave orders to his Apprentice to attack the White House directly.

Eventually more Republic Force's arrived at Washington and began destroying the Reaper Empire, CIS, Vietnamese and Chinese Force's, thus forcing Reaper to retreat.

Even with a Republic Victory, Republic force's didn't halt their attacks and continued even as they retreated, this caused many soldiers and droids to get left behind as they retreated to escape the U.S Border.

Deverstation on AlderaanEdit

Just before the defeat at Washington, Grievous had sent a message to the Fleet which attacked Coruscant, and gave them the orders to begin an attack on Alderaan as an attempt to try the Jedi out of Earth once again.

The plan however didn't work, though Jedi Master Revan and his padawan Anshii Tesla where nearly killed in the attack, most of Aldera was left in ruins by the end of the planetary wide bombardment, with the bombing done, the fleet retreated before any Republic Force's arrived.

Bombing of BeijingEdit

The bombing of Beijing was arranged just after a meeting between the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic and the President of the United State's of America.

The bombing was an attempt to force the People's Republic of China to stop their alliance with Reaper's Empire, however this only forced other Asian Countries to aid in the war effort, resulting in the entire plan to back-fire on the Republic.

Campaign in VietnamEdit

The Campaign of Vietnam was orginised by the British Goverment as an attempt to get into Chinese Terriroty but first weaken the Vietnamese which had begun fighting beside the Chinese, th
BFBC2 Vietnam Hill137 005 656x369
e Republic eventually came to aid the British and S.A.S at the Vietnam Border.

The First Phase of the Campaign - June 21, 2045Edit

The first stage of the Campaign of Vietnam began with British Force's arriving at the border, and fighting their way onto land against the Viet Cong which had set up a major out-post at the border, the British and S.A.S managed to push the Viet Cong back as far as the jungle, but they where forced to engage the new arrivals which where Chinese Soldier's which where wanting to aid the Vietnamese.

Captain John Price led the British Force's through the jungle, but the Viet Cong had laid many traps all across the Jungle.

The Second Phase of the Campaign - June 30, 2045Edit

With the aid of the Republic, the British Force's pushed the Viet Cong back with the Chinese, however the Border was still under heavy resistance from the Viet Cong, and thus the British and Republic Force's where unable to get any further than when they had started on June 21.

Republic Retreat - July 15, 2045Edit

In July the Viet Cong had again taken a strong foot-hold on the Border with reienforcements from the Chinese, this eventually forced Republic Force's to abondon the Vietnam Campaign, and the British, this caused massive tension between Great Britian and the Galactic Republic, the soul reason for the retreat however was due to Anakin wishing to find an alternative to the war, but there was no good reason for leaving the British to fend for themselves.

Eventual British Retreat - August 25, 2045Edit

Alone to fight against the Combine might of Viet Cong and Chinese Force's overwhelmed the British and S.A.S, the British took heavy casulties during the final days of the campign, and the British retreated from the border without hesitation due to so many deaths on their side.

However the British found that a new faction had risen on Europe; Neo-Nazi, the Ghosts of the Past had begun returning.

Ghosts of the PastEdit

On August 12, 2045 the British from Vietnam returned only to find out a German Leader named; Emerson Angouf had formed a Military based on the Germany From 1939 to 1945, but renamed to Neo-Nazi.

This forced British Politicians to be sent to Germany to attempt to halt the raising tensions all across the country of Germany, but as British made its move, the French, Spanish and Italian State's began having problems as new Communist Parties formed, this halted the British and forced them to send Soldiers to aid the State's having problem's, this was cripplining the United Kingdom due to its Military stretching so far out across Europe and already having lost so many of its Soldiers.

Invasion of BrazilEdit

The Invasion of Brazil was planned by the Sith Apprentice Edge, as a plan to get draw more power to the Reaper Empire and the CIS with Edge as the leading General on this attack, Brazil didn't last very long in the invasion, most of the battle is unknown, however its known that Brazil is under control of the Reaper Empire.

Campaign of North Korea - September 12, 2045 to November 1, 2045Edit

The Campaign of North Korea was an American controlled operation, to quell any hopes of North Korean's joining the Communist Movement and Grand-Alliance, however it back fired on the American's, and North Korean where originally trying to avoid war, but with the American invasion, the North Korean's automaticly joined the Grand-Alliance.

Invasion of Sariwŏn - September 12, 2045 to September 20, 2045Edit

The start of the Campaign of North Korea was the invasion of Sariwŏn, as American Military entered the City, the North Koreans attempted to Negotiate, but American Force's launched an all out attack before North Korean Diplomats could make any attempts to talk.

With the battle of Sariwŏn begun, the North Korean Military was sent to halt the American Force's, but this made no differance due to the size of the American Army, half the buildings in the City where destroyed by American Force's, this battle was one of the most deadliest of the American Army's attacks due to the aggression they've been throwing into the invasion.

Mistake DiscoveredEdit

On Septermber 21, 2045 the American Army discovered that North Korea had not allied with the Grand-Alliance, and also discovered North Korea wanted to avoid entering the Great War, with this infomation American Force's attempted to negotiate in the City of Kaesŏng, but this resulted in a massive conflict, startinf the battle of Kaesŏng.

Battle of Kaesŏng - September 21, 2045 to September 29, 2045Edit

The Battle of Kaesŏng was begun after the American Military attempted to talk with the North Korean Officials after discovering they'd made a mistake with the campaign, but before talking could begin, North Korean Tanks assassulted the American Army when they where making their way to the City, causing heavy casulties to the Americans, eventually the Americans got into the City and encountered heavy resistance, during this battle the Americans continued to attempt to talk, but every attempt was stopped by the North Korean Army.

First Battle of Kaech'ŏn - September 31, 2045 to October 30, 2045Edit

The First Battle of Kaech'ŏn was a military attack perfoemed by the American Military against the North Koreans, with this battle, the American's where defeated, however the American's never gave up after the first defeat, and went strait back with a larger force in November.

Second Battle of Kaech'ŏn - November 1, 2045 to UnknownEdit

The Second Battle of Kaech'ŏn was once of the most bloodiest battle's of the Great War, but its unknown how it went other than the American's being able to move further into North Korea.

Campaign of PolandEdit

The Campaign of Poland was begun on November 1, 2045 by Neo-Nazi German Soldier's to increase the Influence of Neo-Nazi in Europe, this Campaign was a moderate victory and achievied what the German Leader wanted. The First Invasion point was on the Polish Capitol.

Battle of Warsaw - November 1, 2045 to November 2, 2045Edit

The Battle of Warsaw was only the start of the Neo-Nazi Campaign within Europe, having mainly begun its Campaign only on Polish Soil, the German Force's where able to gain support from in Germany as it was making its moves carefully.

The Battle of Warsaw was perhaps one of the most deadliest of all Battle's fought in Europe, it proved far bloodier than what the Orginal Nazi-Germany once did due to the mordern tech used within the 21st Century.

Neo-Nazi Germany Soldier's managed to force all Polish Force's back right to the centre of the City for their final stand, those who where not killed where taken as Prisoners or Executed.

Second Stage of Polish Campaign November 2, 2045 to November 21. 2045Edit

As Neo-Nazi German's attacked the Polish Army, they managed to force all Polih back into differant cities seperating the entire Polish Military from its Commanders and Goverment.

The entire point of the German Invasion was to ensure a stronger force for the Neo-Nazi as it continued trying to gain support in its own Country; Germany.

The Polish Force's tried everything to stop the Neo-Nazi Invasion, but just like in the Second World War, Polish Force's saw defeat.

The Final Strike - November 21, 2045 to December 12, 2045Edit

On the Final push into Poland, the Neo-Nazi forced all the Polish Military to its final City, as the Polish tried to fight against the Nazi Force's, they where overwhelmed from differant sides, they eventually discovered German Force's had all of their last city surrounded, and they where forced to surrender to Neo-Nazi.

Continued Campaign in North Korea - December 12, 2045 to December 21, 2045Edit

The Continued Campaign of North Korea by American Force's, due to several Failed attempts to negotiate a peace after their attack on North Korea, however the Americans where just forced into continuing to fight against North Korean Force's.

Strike on North Korean Capitol - December 12, 2045 to December 21, 2045Edit

As America got further into North Korea, the American Force's launched an all-out attack on the Korean Capitol, and so begun the ending of the Campaign of North Korea, with North Korea's Capitol under heavy fighting, the North Korean Goverment began moving its civilians, and some of its Military to the final North Korean controlled City.

It wasn't long before American Force's took control of the Capitol, and they again began marching to finish the campaign of North Korea..

Ending the Campaign - December 21, 2045 to December 21/22, 2045 (Mid-Night by the End)Edit

With the North Korean Goverment moving to its final controlled city, the American's launched a full offencive once again, this out-come was an American Victory, but the course of the battle is unknown.

Campaign in the Mid-RimEdit

The Mid-Rim Campaign's where begun by the Confederacy of Independent System's as an attempt to draw Republic Force's from Earth and the Core-Worlds, however the Confederacy where no expecting the Grand-Army of the Republic to have gained so many Clone Trooper's.

Due to the amount of Clone's the Confederacy where engaged at the same time on differant planet and systems, bringing more chaos to the War.

Defence of NabooEdit

The Defence of Naboo was a Republic operation to defend the peaceful planet from an Invasion from the Confederacy Fleet, the battle however did the oppsite of what Republic Force's hoped, which was to avoid the planet from being destroyed, however the Confederacy's attacks set blaze's to its cities and all forests on the planet, forcing the entire planet to be nothing more than a Battle-Field, this was a battle which continued all the way through to 18 BBY.

Invasion of Ord MantellEdit

During the Mid-Rim Campaign's the Confederacy launched an attack on the Republic Planet; Ord Mantell, the main objective was to capture the planet, most infomation and outcome are unknown.

After Ord Mantell, the rest of the Mid-Rim Campaign's where unknown, the out-come however was that all Republic and Confederacy Force's held half of the Mid-Rim each, and thus fought against each other on differant planet's as an attempt to gain an advantage.

Second Year of War 18 BBY and 2046 ADEdit

The Second Year of the War was filled by much Evil and Corruption caused by the Confederacy and Reaper Empire, it was assumed during the second year the Reaper Empire would make its final moves on Earth once the Republic where sent off-World after the Defence in Vietnam.

However this Second Year also saw the raise of Skynet's very first War-Machine's that would be used to aid in the War against the Grand-Alliance, as well as the discovery of what they where made out of, the Skynet Scientist named Miles Dyson explained the two first Skynet Droid's where made from what the Republic Army had brought; Mandalorian Iron.

This Second Year saw the dangers of Skynet as well as the war raged on.

Defence of Vietnam - December 31, 2045 to January 5, 2046Edit

The Defence of Vietnam was perhaps the bloodiest battle of the New Year, since it saw thousands of Republic Clone's and American Soldiers killed during the attampt to invade Vietnam once again, this Invasion was planed by the American and British Goverments with the Republic, however


the British where forced to remove their presence when this battle took place due to rising tensions in Europe.

With only Republic and American Force's, the invasion began, however after breaking the border, the American's found themselves in major Vietnamese territory, and where forced to engage the Vietnamese Force's on all fronts, the Republic soon arrived to aid the American's, but thsi came at a grave cost since Republicans made the mistake in attacking what they believed to be a Vietnamese Tank, which was actually an American Tank, when it was destroyed, it killed part of the American Group, this caused massive tension between Republic and America.

Halfway through the week of the attack, British Force's alerted the American Goverment about British S.A.S being on their way to provide support to the American and Republicans, but before the American's could alert the Republic, the Clone Force's gave the order to attack Choppers that where approaching without hesitation believing it to be Vietnamese Force's.
209994-call-of-duty-black-ops original

Due to this attack, the British Force's pulled their their treaty out of the Alliance with the Galactic Republic, and refused to send any more force's to Vietnam.

Due to this, the American Military was given secret message's to attack the Republic Clone's on belief that the Republic had begun its own idea's to invade Earth.

With American Force's attacking from within the Allied Zones, and Vietnamese attacking from around them, the Clones found themselves being overwhelmed from all sides, and attempted to pull back, but before they could, the American General gave them a message to leave Earth or be destroyed, then the Republic abondoned Earth quickly as an attempt to ensure the Alliance could be saved, but thsi didn't work, and so a massive blockade was begun aroudn Earth to destroy any Confederacy Force's attempting to land.

With the Blockade in place, the Confederacy was forced to find alternative means to fight on Earth, but this wouldn't work either, so the Reaper Empire was forced to continue making Allies with the force's in differant countries. Eventually once the Defence of Vietnam was won by the Vietnamese and the American;s retreated, the Republic began trying to negotiate with the American Goverment.

Duel on the Edge of CanadaEdit

During a planing meeting withe Reaper's Empire and Japanese Soldiers, the two Sith Darth Reaper and Darth Edge began to distrust one another, but it was surfaced due to the involvement of The Son, a very powerful Dark Sider, the possible symbol of the Dark Side itself.

Due to the Son's Influence Edge attacked his master, both using the force to defeat the other, eventually however Reaper was apparently killed after being sent over the edge of a cliff-side.

Campaign of Germany - Febuary 21, 2046 to Febuary 31, 2046Edit

The Campaign's in Germany where a series of battle's trying to prevent the raise of Neo-Nazi, however this ultimately failed, and the new Neo-Nazi Faction took control of all of Germany with little problems, those who once where German Loyalists to Europe have turned to Neo-Nazi Soldiers and Leader's, and now prepare to wage war against Europe, with Germany planing its own war.

The main battle's took place in the Capitol; Berlin, most of the City had its buildings destroyed from explosive's and other weapon's of destruction.

New York Campaign - Febuary 28, 2046 to March 12, 2046Edit

The New York Campaign was a series of battle's begun by the Reaper Empire as an attempt to get further into America to set a large strike on Washington, the out-come however proved to the Sith Lord; Darth Edge that the American and Republic Force's had a powerful foothold once again in all of North America since every attempt to take New York was foiled by Clone's and American Soldier's.

British Isle's Defence - Febuary 29, 2046 to March 28, 2046Edit

The British Defence was caused by increasing Neo-Nazi movements which began attempting to attack and invade Great Britian, the S.A.S and British Royal navy where moved into defence around the border to engage against Nazi Ships carrying Soldiers.

The Defence lasted right upto March 28, where the Nazi Force's abondoned their efforts.

South American Campaign - March 25, 2046 to April 14, 2046Edit

The South American Campaign had begun when the Reaper Empire led by Edge believed it time he made strikes to further his goal to take Washington, Edge's plan was very simple, and was eventually brought to a massive victory, and once he had all of South America, he had began his plot to move into the North of America for a strike Washington and its surrounding cities.

Second South American Campaign - April 15, 2046 to April 31, 2046Edit

A day after the Reaper Empire had taken all of South America, the American and Republic force's launched a massive attack, it wasn't long before the Reaper Empire was retreating from South America, little is known what happened during thsi campaign.

Battle of Soeul - April 10, 2046 to April 31, 2046Edit

The battle of Soeul was an attempt made by North Korean and Chinese Force's, however the American and South Korean Force's held the North Korean's and Chinese back, and managed to keep ahold of the South Korean Capitol, the battle's events and what went on are unknown.

Invasion of Lyon - April 8, 2046 to April 18, 2046Edit

On April 8, 2046 the Neo-Nazi German's began making preperations for their own kind of war, and secretly began taking territory of their own and where feeding false infomation to the Confederacy and Reaper Empire, umong one of their movements was the Invasion og Lyon, the Nazi Force's pushed through French Soldier's Defence's destroying and killing all who stood in their way, German's used tanks to destroy big threats and used Bomber Planes to level the buildings to avoid French from getting Sniper's into position, the Nazi Force's eventually took Lyon on April 18, 10 days after they had begun there invasion.

March onto ParisEdit

In April 18, 2046 the Nazi German Force's made a move from their newly captured city to get to paris, as they marched they came under attack by French Soldiers, both Loyalists and Allies of the Grand-Alliance, having made an agreement to work together against Nazi Force's the French Loyalists and Communist attacked the Nazi Force's with everything, but even this could not stop the German's from their march as they just tore through the French Loyalists and Communists without a problem.

Battle of Paris - April 20, 2046 to May 1, 2046Edit

Having defeated Loyalist French and Communist French, the Nazi German Force's arrived at Paris, the capitol of France, and began their attack by using their tanks to destroy buildings, while Soldiers made their way through the alleyways and coming around from behind French Soldiers.

The Battle of Paris was one more of the most bloodiest the war had ever seen.

Campaign of Spain - May 2, 2046 to June 12, 2046Edit

The campaign of Spain was begun by Neo-Nazi Force's to gain more power in Europe as it was now openly refusing to send aid to Reaper's Empire, but instead also attacking them as time went on, this caused massive trouble within the Grand-Alliance, causing even more out-break in war, the Out-Come of the Campaign was a Neo-Nazi Victory, but infomation on what went on is unknown.

Alliance Break's
IRAN s640x951

With Neo-Nazi Germany attacking the Grand-Alliance as well as the rest of Europe, the Nazi Leader saw the correct time to show how much the New Nazi Force's where willing to go to be targeting their own needs for their war, as they now planed to launch an attack on Russia.

Missle attack on MoscowEdit

As a plot to disturb the Grand-Alliance, Neo-Nazi Force's launched a massive Missle Strike on Russia's Capitol, though the damage was small, it forced Russia to become outraged at Nazi Germany and delcared war upon them, forcing the Grand-Alliance to make a choice of losing Russia or helping them, so this caused a massive war in Asia.

Invasion of Russia - June 20, 2046 to Still ActiveEdit

Right after the Missle launch, Neo-Nazi began a well-planed and timed invasion of Russia, using Tanks and Planes to get further into Russia having Soldiers kill off injured Russian Troop's, the Nazi Force's refused allow the mistakes of the past to be done again, and believed it better to slaughter Russian's, but the Russians would not allow Germans just to march and therefore stood against the German's at every City they attacked, and refused to back away as the Germans attacked, this campaign is still active even 2 months after it began.

Campaign of Italy - June 21, 2046 to Still ActiveEdit

The Campaign of italy began on June 21 by Neo-Nazi Force's as an attempt to take all of Italy, the Neo-Nazi Force's proved to be very aggressive as their movements increased across all of Europe, having split up their armies to invade Russia and also Italy, the European Countries took notice that they should begin making better defence's.

The British Force's continued to send Military Support to there allies as best they can.

Campaign of Vietnam - June 25, 2046 to Still ActiveEdit

The Second Campaign to take Vietnam begun by American and Republic Force's to tackle the raising Communist Force's, however the Galactic Republic had noticed the sudden declining of the Grand-Alliance due to war's being started by nations against its own allies, so the Republic alerted its own Allies to this to begin taking advantage resulting in the second campaign of vietnam.

Third Battle of Washington D.C.Edit

The battle of Washington D.C. lasted only two hours, due to the Chinese and Sith not realizing the strong defence's in place on the ground and in buildings, these defence's shot down nearly all transport plene's killing Chen Zen in the process along with several other Major Chinese General's, ashamed by this defeat, Sith Lord Edge retreated from America to try to get involved with the Neo-Nazi Ideals.