Volante Smithson

POB: Italy, State of Monteriggioni - Monteriggioni

Time Period:

  • 22nd Century (Late)
  • 23rd Century

Birth: June 21, 2159 AD

Home-World: Earth

Spiece's: Human

Hair Colour:

  • Light Brown (Child)
  • Brown (Teen)

Eye Colour:

  • Brown (Child)
  • Gray (Teen)


  • 4'3 (Child)
  • 5'0 (Teen)

Skin Colour: White, Olive Skin Colour

Natural Talants:

  • Eagle Sense/Vision - Sixth Sense
  • Increased Flexability
  • Increased Speed


  • State of Monteriggioni
  • House of Smithson


  • New Assassin order
  • Re-Originised EUDF


  • Antonia Smithson - Mother
  • Altair Smithson - Father
  • Revan Smithson - Brother


  • Unknown

Known Instructors:

  • Altair Smithson
  • Antonia Smithson

Known Students:

  • None

Event's / Wars:

  • None

Awards / Medals:

  • None

&nbsp Volante Ibn'La-Ahad Smithson (Born 2159 AD), Volante is the Daughter of Altair Ibn'La-Ahad Smithson and Antonia Smithson (Nee Baria).

Volante is the eldest child of Altair and Antonia Smithson, and is also the first to be trained in the arts of the Assassin's, however she herself does not consider herself to be part of the Order, and wishes to do her own thing, which is accepted by her father.

Early LifeEdit

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