Old Westley Johnson

Westley Johnson in 1945.

POB: United Kingdom, England - London

Time Period:

  • 19th Century (Late)
  • 20th Century (Mid)

Birth: December 21, 1894 - London

Death: March 12, 1950 - Blackpool

Home-World: Earth

Spiece's: Human

Ethnic Group: White British

Gender: Male


  • Dirty Blonde - Child
  • Light Brown - Teenager
  • Dark Brown - Adult
  • Gray - Elderly


  • 4'2 Child
  • 5'9 Teen
  • 6'1 Adult
  • 6'0 Elder

Eye Colour: Grey

Skin Colour: Olive Skin Colour

Natural Skill's:

  • Eagle Sense - Sixth Sense



  • House of Johnson
  • The Hashshashin (Russian Sect)
  • British Goverment
  • British Expeditionary Force
  • French Army
  • Belgium Army
  • Egyptian Goverment
  • Egyptian Army
  • French Foreign Legion

Known Masters/Instructors:

  • James Johnson III - Assassin Instructor
  • James Johnson IV - Second Assassin Instructor
  • Sir Jamie N. Smith - Military Training Instructor


  • James Johnson III (Father)
  • Mary Johnson (Mother)
  • James Johnson IV (Eldest Brother)
  • William Johnson III (Older Brother)
  • Elizabeth Johnson (Older Sister)
  • Daniella Mathrastone (Niece)
  • Jason Aasim Johnson (Son)


War's / Events:

  • World War I
  • World War II

Medal's: WWI

  • The Mons Medal
  • Victory Star of 1914-1915
  • British War Medal - 1914-1918
  • Allied Victory Medal

Medal's: WWII

  • 1939-1945 Star (Battle of Britian)
  • War Medal 1939-1945
  • France and German Star
  • Defence Medal
  • Allied Victory Medal

Famous Engagements:

  • Battle of France
  • Battle of Dunkirk
  • Battle of Britain
  • Normandy Landings

Westley John Johnson, or Wez Johnson (Born 1894) as prefered, was a member of the British Armed Force's in 1906, and would later come to serve at the start of World War I in 1914 when the German Empire launched an attack on Belgium.

Wez Johnson was one of those who suspected that German would one day try to begin a war, even while his friend Tom Davidson believed a war would never happen, Wez continued to believe that a War is on the way, but never tried to talk this into his friend.

Over the course of the Second World War Wez remained loyal to the British Government and the Afro-Eurasian Brotherhood of Assassin's, he was present during the Battle of France, Battle of Dunkirk, Battle of Britain and the Normandy Landings; he was also the Assassin which Assassinated Adolf Hitler; however the Templar Order was able to cover the Assassination up; and the truth was lost in history, only the Assassin's remained aware of the truth.

Wez was also a member of the British Assassin's secretly, and all his Military Training has only improved his skill's through years of training, becoming a Master at Free-Running, Stealth Killing and much more. In 1945 wez eventually achieved the status of MP for Blackpool and was the reason for so many changes to the Town, he also introduced it to be more and more of a Tourist Location to increase local funding for Blackpool itself.

Early LifeEdit

Born in 1894 to the Johnson Family, Wez was the youngest out of his family, often being made to remain with his Sister and Mother due ti his Fathers ignorance and selfishness. When His father questioned Mary about the birth of Wez it was hinted that Wez was perhaps not even of the Johnson Bloodline, and a possiblity that he was from another but this was only speculation on James the III's view, since Mary refused to sleep with any other man or betray the trust of her children.
Young logan

At the age of four in 1898 James began the teachings of the Assassin's to Wez, forcing him to learn at an early age how to survive alone, by the time of 1900 at six years old Wez had become reliant on himself, this had changed him more than even James would be aware of, while a Child is ment to be loved and cared for, Wez had no knowledge of it, and believed in the training as he grew, in 1902 at 8 Wez was tought to begin using Knives, and in 1903 at 9 he was taken to kill his first target, his Eldest Brother was training him since 1901 since their father had died, and unlike James the III, his eldest brother was even harsher which is why he was forced to kill his first target in 1903.

Eventually in 1906 Wez faked his age to join the British Army, only 12 Years old when he joined the Army, and he found it more enjoyable with its Training and Dicsipline, in 1910 at the age of 16 he had begun progressing through the rank of Private to Corporal, eventually he progressed further and in 1913 at 19 he had attained the rank of Sergeant, he remained this rank until 1914, and it was in this rank he was then sent off to war against Germany.

World War IEdit

World War I, or the Great War as it was called at the time, was one of the most deadliest campaigns fought in Western History. Wez Johnson was a participant of this Great War, and suffered many losses mentally, he also lost many friends during this war.

First Year of War - 1914-1915Edit

The First year of the War, from July 28 1914 to January 1st 1915, a entire year of bloodshed that saw thousands killed in battle. During the first Year Wez lost his best friend during the Battle of Le Cateau just moments from being able to retreat with the rest of his Military Force. On August 10 Wez was nearly killed during the Seige of Antwerp, but his life was saved by the acts of a Belgium Officer.

Battle of MonsEdit

The First Battle Wez partook was the Battle of Mons, he entered the battle in August 23 1914, a day after the Germans had launched their invasion of Belgium.

During the Battle of Mons Wez was trusted to command the BEF into battle, and as the highest ranking officer at the Battle of the British Force's everyone of the BEF relied heavily on Wez as he led the fight, however as the Battle of Mons turned to German's favour, Wez lost alittle faith in his commanding skills, but refused to allow the Germans to gain victory, however he was forced to retreat eventually.

Resulting in German gaining a massive advantage in Belgium.

Battle of Le CateauEdit

After a hasty retreat from Mons in Belgium to the French Position in Le Cateau, Wez spoke with a French Commanding Officers to alert him to the size of the German Army that is advancing on their position, after he'd finished alerting the officer he returned to his position beside the British BEF to be ready to fight the advancing Germans.

With Germans advancing on
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the Position Wez was sure that the size of the Germans would overun the position, however he believed in his Allies; the French and those who had escaped with his force's in Mons, with French Soldiers, Belgium Soldiers and the British, Wez was hoping it would be enough for the Great Retreat.

Though it proved enough, Wez saw the death of his best friend, however he reufsed to allow the body to remain on the battle-field for Germans to dishonor the body of his friend, he suffered many shots to his shoulder and legs to bring his friends body out of the battle field.

On the Boats to return to Britian, Wez assured the French General that Britian will send more troops to help.

First Return to BritainEdit

Upon retreating from Le Cateau, the British Army returned to great Britian, in order to re-group its Military Force's, upon return Wez went to the Tavern at the Docks.

After the re-grouping of British Force's, Wez learned that he was to aid Belgium defend against German and Astria-Hungary Force's, so Wez began gathering the force's he'd need to aid with the Defence at Antwerp.

On September the 26th 1914 Wez left Great Britian to get to Belgium, to begin preparing the defence's of Antwerp.

Siege of AntwerpEdit

On September 28, 1914 Wez and his Military strength began the defence of Antwerp from a German/Astrio-Hungarian Military siege, the Siege lasted from the 28th September to the 10th August 1914, a series of fighting which took its toll on Wez as he fought against the Germans, he was forced to bring in his training from his Family, the training of an Assassin, and he began to stealthily kill German Officers behind the German lines, eventually however on his return on the final day of combat, Wez suffered massive inuries to his body after being caught by a German Soldier.

If not for some Belgium Officers, Wez would have died on the 10th August, however he managed to escape Antwerp with the rest of the surviving British as they fled Antwerp to the Netherlands.

Second Year of War - 1915-1916Edit

During the start of the year, January 1st 1915 Wez was granted his next rank, Sergeant Major, upon recieving this rank he was told to help train a new Soldier thats just joined the Military, this Soldier; Alex Mac'Correl would come to rely on Wez for quiet alot in the ways of Military support, but he was also a smart kid which Wez respected.

During his time at the African Theatre of the War he met Bennu Mubarak, a woman he fell for right away the moment he met her, it was Bennu that Wez went to when he got any injuries.

Second Battle of YpresEdit

On April 22 1915, Wez was sent to Ypres with a Large British Force, to begin fighting against the German Force's, Wez followed all his orders, and found that he was able to find ways to defeat the Germans, but this would come to be wrong infomation when he discovered that his Military Force had been led into a trap, resulting in Wez taking most injuries and losing some of his men, Wez was quickly removed from the battle field and returned to Britian on 29th May.

On May 12 1915, Wez was assigned to the London docks to oversee the new Canadian Force's that where being sent from Canada to support its Force's that where already sent to Ypres.

Arrival at CairoEdit

When Wez was sent a message, it gave him details about where his next assignments where to be, upon further inspection he found he was being sent to the African Theatre of the War, and set out right away to get his next assignment started with other British Soldiers.

Traveling for a few days, they eventually reached Cairo, a safe port from the war, since German Force's had not yet attacked Egypt.

Upon arrival the British where met by the Egyptian's Goverment Leader who welcomed the British with open arms.

Defence of Suez CanalEdit

In July 28 1915, Wez was sent to increase the defence at the Suez Canal to prevent the Ottoman Empire from advancing further into Northern Africa.

Eventually at the end of July the British BEF and Egyptian Military was succesful in keeping a Strong defence in Suez Canal, and protected the route towards Cairo, with this victory Wez was awarded his next promotion, and he continued to serve in Northern Africa building up the defence's to ensure the Ottoman Empire was unable to continue its strike towards the North.

Eventually in December Wez was allowed to return back to Europe to continue the fight in the Western Front.

Second Return to BritianEdit

Setting off from Cairo on December 29, 1915, he eventuallyed arrived back at the docks of London on January 2 1916, and returned to the British Command at the docks to get his next assignment for his return to the Western Front of the War.

On the first day of his return, he was given work to assist in moving supplies aboard the War-Ships, at night he continued this job until Ashley Smith had snuke into the Docks after she'd been taken out, since he didn't wish to get into any arguments about getting her to leave he sginalled Soldiers to have her taken to a Cell aboard one of the ships.

The Following Morning, he continued assisting with moving supplies onto Ships.

Third Year of War 1916-1917Edit

The Third Year of the War, as the War began to turn into the Favour of the Allies, Wez began believing it was a trick by the Central Powers, and continued to believe it until the end of 1916.

Battle of SommeEdit

Fighting from July 1 1916, to Novermber 18 1916, Wez felt the deverstation on every day he was fighting, he found the planes very inspiring as they swooped down on the enemy at the Trenches that German Force's where hiding within, as the Battle of Somme raged on, Wez thought back to when the War started, and though about how he could have saved his friend.

Eventually on Novermber 18 the Battle of Somme came to a swift end with Germans retreating to begin defending at the next staging ground.

Fourth Year of War 1917-1918Edit

The Fourth year of World War I, a Year filled by deverstation, death and determination for those wanting to end the war, Wez has seen more of his friends die every day when he was fighting, he continues to think of them as the months go by, thinking of how he should have tried harder to help them.

Battle of ArrasEdit

Wez came to Arras with a British Military Force and its Allies to fight against the Germans, though not much is known about how the Battle went, it is known that Wez and the Brtisih Allies achieved a Tactical Victory even when the Battle itself was Indecisive.

Battle of MessinesEdit

Little is known about Wez part-take in this battle other than it was a British Victory.

Battle of CambriaEdit

The Battle of Cambria was a Tactical Victory for both sides, and its results was a stalemate, Wez part-take in this battle is not very known.

Last Few Months of War 1918Edit

The Final Few months of the First World War, Wez Part-take in this was during the Spring Offencive and the Hundred Days offencive.

Spring OffensiveEdit

While the Germans had a tactical German success its overall was failure, resulting in the Allies getting one step clsoer to ending the First World War, Wez took part in the Spring Offencive with the rest of the Allied Force's.

Hundred Days OffensiveEdit

Little infomation of Wez's movements are known, its possible he wasn't sent to this movement by the Allies since his record doesn't show any orders to be sent to the Western Front during the Hundred Days offensive, it may have been his own movement or orders from the British Sect of Assassin's to execute German Officers swifttly.

Peaceful Years 1918-1939Edit

After the First World War, Wez left Great Britian to go back to Egypt, an dto also join up with the French Foriegn Legion that was in Egypt, but his main reason was to see Bennu again, having made promises to return after the War had ended.

Service in the French Foreign LegionEdit

Upon arriving into Egypt in 1918, Wez joined the French Legion stationed there, and remained in service from
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1918 to 1922 and still remains in the Legion.

Having become part of the Military Legion, he found his skills could be put to use within Egypt in the French movements to protect key locations for Allied Force's in Africa. As such, Wez was also able to remain close to his lover; Bennu Mubarak, and continued to live with her when he was given leave from the Legion camp in Egypt.

In 1923 Wez found that he was going to be following the Legion to a battle within the Sahara desert all due to the fact the Legion wanted to be the first to uncover a lost city somewhere near the Sahara.

Leaving the LegionEdit

In 1930 Wez left the French Foreign Legion having argued with Bennu about things within Europe, the two eventually made up, and both choose to leave the African Continent to go to Europe.

Return to Great BritianEdit

In 1930 April 15, Wez returned to Great Britian with his lover; Bennu Mubarak.
Wez Johnson

Upon his return Wez and Bennu made an agreement to begin a Family once they could get themselves settled back in Wez's home City; London, Wez also revealed to Bennu that he was part of the Assassin Brotherhood, which she accepted, but wished him to ensure that their child wouldn't be forced but given a choice weither or not the child wanted to be an Assassin, something Wez agreed too.

After alerting the London Sect of his return to London, he was given premission to become the new Sect Leader, where he then made plans to re-unite the entire Brotherhood throughout Britain.

Still serving as a member of the British Assassin Sect, and as leader of the London Guild, he was alerted to strange happenings in Rome and Berlin, and he tasked himself with visiting the two Cities to find out what was going on.

Mission to BerlinEdit

Wez visited Berlin at somepoint in 1933, where he viewed Adolf Hitler as he was greeting the People of Berlin giving his thank you to letting him achieve power, during this time in Berlin he was hoping to find something he could use to back up his reason for Assassinating him, however he found nothing, but he discovered his former Compainion from the First World War; Samuel Jones.

Wez confronted Sam about why he was wearing a Nazi Uniform, which he discovered that Sam had joined Nazi Germany's Army hoping for a better life in Germany under Hitler's rule.

Wez decalred that Samuel was a traitor to his friends, family and country and left to visit Rome to begin another mission.

Mission to RomeEdit

As a request from the Roman Sect of Assassin's in Italy; Gino Dalamti, Wez visited Rome, where he began helping the Italian Assassin's try to find someway to get Benito Mussolini thrown out of power, however they found no ways to get him out, and so Wez returned to Britain again.

Re-Building the Order Edit

On June 13, 1935 Wez began making preperations to pull all British Assassin Gulds under one banner, in order to bring an end to the Seperated Guild's and Independent Assassinations, however the planning of raising an Order was difficult, and he was aware he'd need to get rid of many Tyrant Type Leaders leading Guilds across the Country.

World War IIEdit

In 1933, when Wez learned of Adolf Hitler becoming the Leader of Germany, he immeaditly began questioning what would become of Germany, and after much researching he learned about the National Socialist German Workers' Party, Wez began continuing his work secretly as an Assassin to ensure he could gather as much information as possible.

Through the Early years, before the War Wez attended Meetings that he was invited too by Guilds across Europe, and he aided them in trying to find ways to remove possible tyrant type leaders, but all missions failed and they where unable to prevent the Tyrant Leaderships which continued to increase fascism across Europe.

Wez was sure that a War would eventually begin do to movements by Germans, and the Italians which invaded; the Ethiopian Empire.

When the War started, he gladly accepted the need to continue his Career in the British Army, and joined the fight when Britain and France declared war on Nazi Germany.

Phoney WarEdit

Wez was made LT. Conel During the Phoney War, and he participated in a few of the Early Battles of 1939, fighting for the British Army aiding the French through difficult times against Nazi Germany.

The Phoney War was a phase early in World War II—in the months following Britain and France's declaration of war on Germany (shortly after the German invasion of Poland) in September 1939 and preceding the Battle of France in May 1940—that was marked by a lack of major military operations in Continental Europe. The various European powers had declared war on one another but neither side had committed to launching a significant land offensive, notwithstanding the terms of the Anglo-Polish military alliance and the Franco-Polish military alliance, which obliged the United Kingdom and France to assist Poland.

The WarEdit

Wez Johnson fought as a brave soldier from 1939 to 1941 and continued to remain loyal to the British Armed Force's and its Goverment, he even got his lover Bennu to become a medic for the British Army with Priminister Winston Churchill's help since Bennu was an Egyptian and not British.

During the Battle of Britian and London Blitz, wez was assigned to the Royal Air Force, to help with the defence of British Soil from Nazi Force's being.

In 1941 Wez was assigned to Churchill's Bunker to keep him updated on the problems with the people's

Wez during the Battle of France

problems, eventually he'd go to the main Military base with Churchill and together they'd go over plans to try finding alternative ways to fight against Nazi Germany.

On May 30 1942, Wez whitnessed the death of his lover; Bennu, and at that very moment he swore vengence against the ones who caused it, though the Allies where unaware, Wez knew that the Templar Order had once again formed, but he knew he couldn't allow his personal feelings to get in his way to fight the war against Nazi Germany.

In 1943 Wez learned that Nazi German Leader; Adolf Hitler was infact a rogue member of the Templar Order, and began alerting Assassin's world wide to begin searching for evidence that there maybe a Piece of Eden in his possession.

Battle of FranceEdit

During the Battle of France, the truth behind Westley Johnson being an Assassin had been revealed and therefore he began using his Assassin Attire more openly, wearing his Robes during the engagement at France, leading the British Force's which he was incharge of he led them alongside other British Force's alongside the Allied Force's in the French Engagements.

However Wez was aware that they wouldn't be able to hold out as the Nazi Germans continued their aggressive onslaught against Allied Positions.

Battle of BritainEdit


Battle of Britain; Squad 12.

Being re-assigned to the RAF to aid in the defence of the British Border, Wez was assigned to London's main defence's, but later moved to engage near the Air-Fields outside of London, when the Nazi Planes finally got towards London to begin its bombing, Wez was among those who attacked once all Fighters had grouped up, and they began swarming the Nazi Force's.

During the Battle of Britain it was revealed by Churchill that Wez was an Assassin; and with this revelation the Assassin's where given premission to aid in the War against the Axis Force's.

With the Allies and the Assassin's the Nazi German Force's where aware they had many more problems; the British Force's continues to defend the border against the German Air-Force.

Battle's of 1944Edit

The Battle's to which Wez Johnson was part of during the year of 1944 of the Second World War. The Hashshashin had become more of a known member for the British and Soviet Union, as well as the former enemy Assassin Union which had been formed during the days of the American War for Independence which was purly based within American Waters and on American Soil.

Wez managed to pull the entire Brotherhood within Britian together after a long session of tracking down Sect leaders.

Operation OverlordEdit

During Operation Overlord, Wez was part of the Infiltration Team that was to get behind enemy lines by drop off point, he with all the Assassin's from Britian and a hand full of American Assassins boarded transport planes and

Westley Argues with his Brother; William moments before leaving for Normandy.

flew just behind enemy lines before their planes where shot down, this killed many Assassin's but they where able to complete their missions and aided in breaking some of the major defence points behind German lines.

From the very start of the Battle of Normandy, Wez showed much loyalty to the British and Allied Force's, deliviering vengence of the dead upon the Nazi Soldiers he killed, he spoke of the betrayals to every German

Soldier he came across, at some points of Normandy he did show some mercy to the people he attacked, allowing some to retreat.

Sword BeachEdit

On the landing onto Sword Beach; the LAV he was aboard was hit by Mortar Fire, resulting him in falling into the water; forcing him to swim to the beach; he was then forced to move carefully observing as many of his friends where torn apart from Mortars and MG-42 Fire.

Battle of BerlinEdit

Wez went into the Battle of Berlin with the Red Army once he learned that Berlin was open, it was there he confronted his old friend from the First World War; Samuel Jones.

With the battle of berlin, he proved to be a true Assassin, using stealth to get past Nazi Soldiers undetected leading his fellow Assassins, he met up with Samuel on the battlefield and killed him the second he had a chance to do so, explainging in short words that he was a traitor to his friends and country.

Wez eventually located Hitlers Bunker and infiltratred with the Assassin's and executed him swiftly, however the truth of this was lost when the Red Army located the bodies burned by an unknown.

Life after the WarEdit

After the Wars end, he returned to Great Britain and made a stop in London to listen to Churchill make a speach to the public; following the speach he went to the Hospital of Westminster there he left a Necklace with a Cross to an ex-German Officer which had made amends; but her lover was still remaining loyal; after returning her necklace to
Wez Jason Blackpool

Westley and his son Jason in Blackpool.

her; Wez left London and went to Blackpool.

Upon arriving in Blackpool he took up a job with the Council, and became a Member of Parliament easily due to his Life being an Assassin and very skilled with Diplomacy and also because he was a war hero from both World War I and World War II.

After he became a Member of Parliament, he made life easier for the Assassin's to become more public and have proper lives instead of remaining in shadows forever, he even proposed a home for War-Heros to be built, resulting in a New Housing Estate in Layton.

In 1948 he began to personally train his son in the ways of the Assassin Order; teaching him everything he knew in order to avoid everything he had ever learnt from being lost; wanting it preserved, his son; Jason was gladly accepting his new lessons under his father and studies day and night to ensure he could perfect everything his Wez taught him.


Information Pending......

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Wez Johnsons skills derive from the training he had been given at the age of four, all which where from the Ancient Assassin training styles, Wez became an expert of Free-Running, something not practiced very often in Public, when he was using such movements during his training course's within the Army, most Soldiers found it strange that he did such things.

Wez was an expert as well as using Swords, Throwing Knives and Rifle's, he however was more intrested in the use of the Assassin hidden-blade, and kept it on when ever he was sent to a mission with British Armed Force's over seas, due to it being stealthy, he was able to keep it hidden under his sleeve while on missions with the Military.

Ever since he'd joined the Foreign Legion in 1918, Wez has improved his Skills both as a Soldier and as an Assassin, having mastered differant variations of Martial Arts from Asia, Africa and America, as well as the French Fighting Styles.

During the years of 1941 to 1944, Wez became a very talanted person when it came to Diplomacy, having brought all the Sect Leaders around Britian together after a massive fall out in 1890 when the Leader had passed on. With Wez as the voice of reason during 1942, the entire Hashshashin from Great Britian banded together once again, in January 1944, Wez then brought the Russian Hashshashin into the Factors, as well as the Assassin Union from America, which inturn re-formed the entire Hashshashin Order, no longer was the Bortherhood seperate, Wez took the title; Grand-Master on Febuary 1944, he also became part of British Politics with the help of Winston Churchill.

Friends and RelationshipsEdit

Wez Johnson met many people through 15 Years of his life, having met people at the age of 6 through his eldest brother juring the days that his brother had trained him in the ways of the Assassin's, and he later met even more when he became a Soldier within the British Army.

Tom Davidson, Born June 11 1895. A British Soldier that fought by Wez's side during the Battle at Mons and Le Cateau where he
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served and died at, to fight for the United Kingdom. Thomas Davidson was Wez best friend, having known each other before the time at the Army, they where often always finding ways to rival each other with friendly games, some sports and some in ideas.

Tom Davidson was a young lad at the time he joined the Army with Wez, however he started a year after, 1907 where as Wez joined 1906, his death effected Wez alot, but due to his training Wez was able to remain calm and stable

Bennu Mubarak, Born June 12 1897. She was an Egyptian Citizen, born in Cairo, in 1915 she met Wez Johnson
when he had come over to fight for the Afircan Theatre to prevent the Ottoman Empire from gaining more ground to enforce the Central Powers movements. Bennu helped Wez on several occassion, often fixing up his wounds when he'd returned from any battle.

In December he made promises that he would return to see her once the War was over having been given orders to return to the Western Front to fight against the German Empire.

Once the War ended, Wez boarded a ship to leave Britian and to return to Egypt, for Bennu and to sign up for the French Foreign Legion.

With His plans set, he informed the British Army he'll be transfering to the French Foreign Legion for the time being until he returns to Britian.

Clothing and EquipmentEdit

Clothing in which Wez has used during his life is mixed between the present time clothes of 1890's and 1915, his clothing styles however revolve mainly around the British Military Uniform, and the armour that is provided with
the Uniform.

Wez has been known however to have at least worn the Robes of the Assassin at the age of 17 while within the British Army, however he only wore such clothing at night to avoid detection when snooping around in restricted sections of the Military Camp he was stationed in.

After the First World War, Wez returned to Civilian Based Clothing, and after he Left Great Britian, he choose to take on a uniform that could cover his face.

Wez 1944 1945

Wez's Attire from 1944 to 1945.

During his time in the French Forien Legion he wore the Garbs of all Legion Soldiers, and used the weapons they used juring their travels, Wez would pick up many things to attach onto the jackets of his uniforms to show his achievements.

At the start of World War II, Wez returned to the British Military Unfirom until the Battle of France when his true nature was revealed by the Priminister, and this led to him wearing his Assassin Garb in public.

In 1944 Wez again changed his attire to a Darker Set of Robes, he also removed the cape from his attire and changed the two Hidden-Blade Bracers; his uniform resembled the Turkish Assassin Uniforms; however his Attire was Navy Blue and Grayish in colour.

Wez's new Grand-Master Robes.

He later again changed his attire to wear more symbolic Robes of a Grand-Master; believing he was now ready to settle down from all the fighting and only teach instead of going into action; wishing to remain now a mere observer of the Order of the Afro-Eurasian Brotherhood of Assassins, and so he wore the Old Troditional Robes worn during the Crusaders Era; however his attire was white instead of Black and also possessed a cape on the back of his clothing.


Wez Johnson has been known to use many differant weapons through the early days of his life to the young age of 5 a year after his Assassin training had begun, these weapons that where used where; Swords, Knives, Throwing Knives and a Hidden-Blade, eventually when he was part of the Army he learned to use the Rifle's provided as well as Revolvers and explosives.

His most prized weapon however is the iconic weapon of the Assassin Order; The Hidden Blade.

He favours this weapon souly because of the advantages it has with Stealthy kills, and see's that as just as important as any rifle when in combat, he also has upgrade's for the Assassin Blade, which he was allowed to have once he attained a certern Rank within the Assassin's Order, even while in the Army he continued to report to the Assassin's about his Military Training and the advantages the Army could have with the Assassin Order.

These Upgrade's are;

  • Poison Needle Attachment
  • Hidden-Pistol Attachmen
  • Dart Launcher (Added in 1944)

Wez eventually made use of an Upgrade for his Second Hidden-Blade known as the Hook-Blade, though in the Modern World there where no Zip-Lines; the Hook still had use for the Modern World. Wez however normally uses on the Hidden-Blade though, and rarely relies on its Upgrade's to assist him in his kills.